Is that what we’ve come to?


Was skimming channels tonight … somehow stumbled upon the St. Petersburg Bowl between Rutgers and Central Florida. It was the second quarter, I think, Rutgers leading 14-10. The announcers were Mark Jones and Bob Davie, the former Notre Dame coach.

Out of nowhere, the two begin talking about Tom Savage, Rutgers’ freshman quarterback, and how he has a final exam in two days. “You know,” says Davie, “to be honest, a lot of colleges wouldn’t have accepted an invitation to a bowl game that conflicted with final exams. So you have to give Rutgers credit for being here.”

With that, everything I detest about big-time college sports was perfectly surmised.

PS: Plus, I love how it’s actually the “Beef O’Brady’s St. Petersburg Bowl.”

3 thoughts on “Is that what we’ve come to?”

  1. Wait, I don’t understand what part of it you detest? Was it bad that the announcers made that comment? or bad that Rutgers let their team play so close to finals?

  2. Is it really true that “most” schools would have rejected the invite? If Rutgers hadn’t accepted this one, they would probably have stayed home – they were passed up by all of the other Big East tie-in bowls. I can’t imagine a scenario where Rutgers, or any other school with few bowl options, would prefer no bowl at all over a bowl that disrupts finals. Seems like March Madness disrupts students’ schedules to a far greater degree anyway.

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