Literally spearheaded


I received the following two responses to my last post:

1. Uh, Jeff? This was one of the dumbest things I have ever had the misfortune of running across. “Come back, wasted brain cells! Come back!!!” *SOBBING*

2. “literally spearheaded”. Jeff, I read your blog because I consider you smarter than this.

I have had this discussion with other writers, and it continues to fascinate me. Why do readers often jump at the chance to dump on someone’s writing? I mean, it’s really true. Heaven forbid one of my columns has a typo—dozens of e-mails, eager to point out the error. Heaven forbid I place a post on this blog that isn’t especially great—snide and snarky comments about why I suck.

Maybe I suck because I suck. Maybe I’m not very smart. Maybe I’m a mediocre hack trying to fake being a good writer.


PS: “Literally spearheaded” makes sense, in that the man literally placed a head on a spear, then painted it and sold it at the nearby Iranian flea market. Why should I be ripped for such a thing?

1 thought on “Literally spearheaded”

  1. C’mon man. Didn’t you see the second sentence I wrote? That was my way of telling you I’m a fan and check your blog at least twice a day. At the rate at which I choose my words, it would take all day for me to write as much as you do on this blog alone. It’s just that when a professional writer incorrectly uses “literally” or, even worse, “I could care less”, it makes it seem as though they don’t actually think about the words they are typing. For what it’s worth, while that post was not my favorite, I don’t agree with the other commenter. And your “PS” on this one cracks me up…

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