Literally spearheaded


I received the following two responses to my last post:

1. Uh, Jeff? This was one of the dumbest things I have ever had the misfortune of running across. “Come back, wasted brain cells! Come back!!!” *SOBBING*

2. “literally spearheaded”. Jeff, I read your blog because I consider you smarter than this.

I have had this discussion with other writers, and it continues to fascinate me. Why do readers often jump at the chance to dump on someone’s writing? I mean, it’s really true. Heaven forbid one of my columns has a typo—dozens of e-mails, eager to point out the error. Heaven forbid I place a post on this blog that isn’t especially great—snide and snarky comments about why I suck.

Maybe I suck because I suck. Maybe I’m not very smart. Maybe I’m a mediocre hack trying to fake being a good writer.


PS: “Literally spearheaded” makes sense, in that the man literally placed a head on a spear, then painted it and sold it at the nearby Iranian flea market. Why should I be ripped for such a thing?