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… ran today instead of Friday, because of Christmas.

It’s my take on bad teams always signing bad players. Here’s the link.


PS: A side note: I was thinking this morning about Pudge Rodrizguez. A bunch of years ago I visited Pudge’s house in Miami. He was friendly and nice and sorta dull, but two things stand out: First, he had a ton of books in his library—stuff like biographies of FDR and Lincoln; profiles of great debates, etc. I picked up one of the books to read through it—and the pages were empty. One hundred percent empty. All the books. They were merely for show, brought in by some interior decorator. Second, in his backyard he had an enormous bronze statue of … Pudge Rodriguez. In catching garb.

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  1. Love the column. I’m a long-suffering Pirates fan. Like a strung-out heroin addict, I just cannot break the addiction. In my opinion, its the worst-run franchise in professional sports.

  2. I remember the Pudge story strictly because of the statue of himself. SI had a picture of it, right?

    IIRC, it was of him in a catcher’s crouch with all of his gear. But he didn’t have his mask on.

    The book thing cracks me up. You should have asked if he read them all.

  3. what, no portrait of a centaur in irods house?

    and sad to say, many of the names you mentioned in the pirates article… were at one point mets players as well… i think the mets org belongs in the ‘dont know what the fuck im doing’ organizations. and im a met fan.

  4. The difference between the Pirates and the good teams is that the Pirates will sign an Eric Hinske and expect to get 500 solid at-bats out of him. A team like the Yankees will sign him expecting to get about 50 solid at-bats out of him. And give him about that many at-bats because that’s all he’s actually worth.

  5. The Pirates never expected 500 solid at bats out of Hinske? Where did you come up with that? He was brought in to earn a bench job and try to rekindle his career in the process.

    What I find hilarious about this article is that Doug M., is given as one example. The Pirates are supposedly stupid for signing him to be a backup, bench guy. The author makes no mention of the fact that he played the same role the year before on the Yankees team, and made the Dodgers roster the next year.

    The Yankees and Dodgers aren’t stupid for signing Mienky to their benches but the Pirates are stupid for signing him to have the exact same role?

  6. Uh, Jeff, maybe you forgot about Pittsburgh’s front office the under-the-radar signing of Derek Bell.

    ‘Operation: Shutdown’. Clutch.

  7. I had no idea the once-great Nomar signed with the Pirates. Funny I was having dinner at a sports-themed restaurant/bar the other night and saw the once-hold trinity of shortstops: Nomar, Alex Rodriguez (when he was with Seattle) and Derek Jeter. Now which one of these doesn’t belong now…

  8. The obvious fact that MLB knows about but chooses to ignore is there simply aren’t enough good players to fill the rosters of 30 teams. Years ago, when contraction was talked about, I thought, “hell yeah about time,” but the union was having none of it. Except for Colorado, expansion should have never happened in the first place.

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