The Jewish Major Leaguer of the Decade is …


… Kevin Youkilis?

Yup, Kevin Youkilis. At least according to Jewish Major Leaguers, an organization whose mission statement is “to document American Jews in America’s Game.”

I, for one, totally disagree. Youkilis is a very good player on a very good team, but he only played four full seasons last decade. For my money, the Jewish Major Leaguer of the Decade has to be Shawn Green, whose first three seasons of the decade were fantastic, and who went out of his way to speak with every 25-cent Jewish monthly pamphlet that stopped by his locker for a conversation. Then, in second, I’d vote for Gabe Kapler—only because he has a Jewish star tattooed onto his leg, which is one of the great oxymorons of both sport and religion.

Mazel tov, Kevin.

Mazel tov.

7 thoughts on “The Jewish Major Leaguer of the Decade is …”

  1. “Arthur, I’m Jeff Pearlman.”

    “Jeff who?”

    “Jeff Pearlman. I write for Sports Illustrated.”

    “Jeff Pearlman?”

    “Yes, Jeff Pearlman. We’ve spoken before.”

    “What was your name?”

    “Jeff Pearlman.”

    “And what have we spoken about?”

    “Shawn Green.”

    Sadly, Authur Richman isn’t here telling the story of there was telling the story of Shawnie Green.

    3/27/2009: my favorite Pearlman article.

  2. I agree, re: Green being the better JML. That’s the unfortunate problem about coming into the game mid-decade. Unless you put up mad numbers in a short amount of time — which, although undeniably a solid player, Youkilis has not — the benefit of the doubt should go to the player with the longer resume.

  3. Kapler’s body is a canvass of awesome Jewish tats. Don’t forget, there is no rule banning the tattooed from Jewish cemeteries. It’s a rumor our moms spread.

    Youk deserves the honor for his longevity this decade. I remember watching him and fellow Jew Nate Fish play for Univ of Cincinnati (where Koufax also played briefly) against my college in 2000 or 2001. I watched with a h.s. classmate of Youk’s who played hockey. Another Jewish classmate of theirs at Sycamore played D-line for our college.

  4. If you disagree with Youkilis getting the honor, you need to watch Denis Leary and Lenny Clarke on the Red Sox broadcast ranting about Youk and Mel Gibson. Those guys need to be full time announcers. I’d link to it, but I can’t access Youtube.

  5. just wanted to clarify that it was not Jewish Major Leaguers who crowned Youk as the Jewish player of the decade. (I’m the ceo). 350 online voters did. I personally voted for Green, being conscious that there’s an “anti-historical bias” at work in the voting.But, alas, when I tried to rig the vote by voting early and often…i couldn’t!! we had designed the survey to accept only one vote per computer!! (just kidding about tryng to righ the survey)

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