A tale of two wallets

About a year ago, by wife’s grandmother bought me a new wallet. It is black and leather, and I’m sure it wasn’t cheap. Now, sadly, it has died. Here, take a look:

Photo on 2010-01-11 at 11.44

I’ve had it with “nice” wallets.” They always fall apart, especially if you stuff them with mounds of crap, as I do. My wallet is a toilet for receipts, pictures, insignificant business cards, foreign coins. They enter, they never leave and inevitably the wallet explodes. I suppose I’d do better with some sort of purse but, well, I have some pride. (Very little, but some).

Anyhow, today I bought a new wallet. At Amazing Savings! For $1.99! Here it is:

Photo on 2010-01-11 at 11.44 #2

The slots are too small for cards, the plastic lining is flimsy and the thing is ugly as sin. But the label said HIGHEST QUALITY!!! so I’ll surely be OK.

4 thoughts on “A tale of two wallets”

  1. I have owned three wallets in my adult life, and not one of them cost more than $10. The most recent one was sitting, tags attached, in the lobby of my building, with a note saying “take me.” I did. I’m covered until 2020.

  2. I used to be like you, Jeff. I used to have big, fat wallets, which were with every card I could carry, receipts, etc. It wasn’t quite the Costanza wallet, but still. Anyway, I would always get comments on how big my wallet was. So, for a period of time, I went through a “wallet phase,” where I decided to get streamlined and get a thin wallet and carry only the essentials. Eventually, I managed to find a thin tri-folding wallet. I managed to do it and survive with it to this very day. Here’s what I carry: cash (usually not much… and not always by choice), my debit card, one credit card, my health insurance card, my AAA card, and my driver’s license. That’s pretty much it… right now there’s a couple of rogue gift cards in there from Borders and Barnes and Noble, but eventually, they’ll be cut. You can do it, Jeff.

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