The worst song ever … and yet

I would argue that this is the absolute worst song ever … that I like.

I know, I know–what’s there to like about this song? Horrific lyrics, poor vocals, inane video. But over the past few days I haven’t been able to get this s^%$ out of my head.

What’s your worst song ever—that you like?

13 thoughts on “The worst song ever … and yet”

  1. who let the dogs out. just brings me back to the 99 mets season (or was it 00) where they would play the song after every met home win. i think the mets had the best home record in the nl that year too, so it was played pretty often. dumb song, but it resonates with me now. haha.

    we built this city holds a special place in my heart too… it was the song that i sang as a five year old kid over and over and over again around the house, to the annoyance of my parents and older brother.

  2. Wow, Jeff. That song is *terrible*. However, I will give them credit for the Larry Bird reference — that was a very pleasant surprise. Especially since it came so early in the song, meaning I could stop it and walk away and be happy with myself.

  3. This song was made popular by the fat kid sitting in front of his computer. Gary Brolsma lip synced this song and became an internet sensation. I couldn’t get this song out of my head for weeks!….have no idea what the words mean, but pretty darn catchy!

  4. I like two really crappy songs:

    “Informer” by Snow*

    * When this song was popular, David Spade was on SNL and did his “Hollywood Minute”. He started singing “In four months” you’re going to be working at Burger King.

    Probably David Spade’s pinnacle.

    The other crappy song I really like is:

    “I’ll Never Let You Go” by Steelheart.

    Both songs are beyond awful.

  5. Definitely “Rich Girl” by Hall and Oats… Poofy hair and porno moustache just made it over the top 80’s cheese… But it’s chorus just sucks you in…

  6. I love Steelheart, Byron. 🙁

    Worst songs ever that I adore (can’t pick just one):

    -Havin’ A Roni, Vanilla Ice
    -Turbo Lover, Judas Priest
    -Cotton Candy, Insane Clown Posse
    -All For Love, Color Me Badd
    -Hocus Pocus, Focus

  7. Oh, that’s easy. “Separate Ways” by Journey. Once that cheesy synthesizer part worms its way into your head, there’s no getting it out. And even the video was Cheezeriffic.

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