A debacle in Massachusetts


Well, not a good night for the Democrats. Scott Brown, a Republican State Senator for all of five years, is now Massachusetts’ newest senator, and the Dems no longer have the filibuster-proof 60-vote majority that, quite frankly, they used for absolutely, positively nothing over the past year or so.

People will analyze and analyze and analyze this election, but—for me—it comes down to one thing: My party stinks.

Seriously, we’re the Mets of politics. Good talent, decent payroll … and no fundamentals. Really, how do the Dems put forth Martha (Blah As Blah Gets) Coakley as their candidate for such a vital seat? Furthermore, how does the party so brazenly misread the mood of the nation? I’m all for decent health care reform, or even somewhat decent health care reform. But when one of 10 Americans are unemployed, you might wanna make the economy your No. 1 priority. Just maybe. Or at least try and fooling people to think it is. Ugh.

I’m babbling, and exhausted. Usually, when the Dems lose elections like this, I’m pissed. But tonight, I’m glad. Because Obama’s been in office barely one year … and we’re already in need of a wake-up call.

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  1. So totally agree. Its like our party is asleep at the wheel. This is an important seat…like you said..who put her up! Then….what were they thinking not working that campaign trail 24/7. Yes we have done less with more this year! We blew it again! We should have had a young good looking man running as a centrist….against Mr Brown. I sooo agree with you tonight…

  2. Good post Jeff. But if the Dems were really the Mets, Tim Kaine would sign Tim Pawlenty and Bobby Jindal to matching 6-year, $117-million deals and begin trying to unload them for 12 cents on the dollar starting in the winter of 2011-12.

    So at least there’s that.

  3. Well said.

    I heard passing word that I interned at the same court house that Scott Brown interned 20+ years ago just this past semester. People in the office had no idea who he was and they were referring to him as ‘the guy who is going to lose’. This was just last month they were saying this. It’s obvious that the Democrats botched a lay-up.
    They should have backed Alan Khazei, not an empty suit in Martha Coakley. She ran the worst campaign this side of McCain/Palin. The tide started turning against her HARD the past 2 weeks and you could tell she was going to lose. She wasn’t exciting. She was…nothing.

    So yes, MA residents didn’t learn their lesson from Mitt Romney, as they elected his clone in a handsome, charismatic, and disingenous dude. But we knew Mitt was scum before he hit office and was using that for Presidential ambitions.

    When you say that you are ‘glad’, I don’t think that you realize that Massachusetts just empowered a new major political player for the Republicans who have been sorely looking for someone, anyone. He will become an instant, overnight celebrity for taking over Ted Kennedy’s seat. He’s got ridiculously attractive daughters, one of whom being a 21-year old failed American Idol contestant with singing skills wildly out of proportion to how good she thinks she is and never passes up an opportunity to flaunt herself.
    I want to puke that my own state let this happen.

  4. Jeff, well said, as usual. The Democrats have only themselves to blame here.

    Ironically, this doesn’t happen if Ted didn’t have the law changed 2004 to prevent Romney from choosing a new senator if John Kerry became president.

  5. Yep. I’m worried about this country. We have one party dominated by lunatics, bigots, and semi-literates…while the other party has good ideas, but is utterly inept and gutless.

    If you were to make me bet on which nation will be the world’s dominant superpower in 100 years, I sure as hell wouldn’t put my money on the US.

  6. Jeff,

    Do you know where that picture was taken!? I think it’s the complex in Florida where my grandparents used to live when I was little. I could be completely wrong, but it’d be an awesome coincidence if I’m right. Any idea?

    And you’re right on, btw. I always equate the Democrats to Maryland basketball. No lead is safe.


  7. I have to laugh. You question Mr Brown’s ability to serve based on “only” five years of service as a state representative. Isn’t that light-years more time than the last presidential candidate you supported?

  8. Amen Andrew. I love how the Dems are blaming their own right away – poor campaign, poor execution – that had nothing to do with it. It was a lay-up, but the people of the state spoke up and said enough is enough.

    Jeff, first NJ and VA and now we have this in MA. MA!!!

    Ted Kennedy is rolling over in his grave and I am glad…because as Brown put it, it wasn’t “his seat, it’s the people’s seat.”

  9. It’s time for the Democrats to shut up, saddle up and start working together.

    The Ariana Huffingtons and Jane Hamshers and Keith Olbermanns have done nothing but give comfort to the enemy. And make no mistake, the GOP is the enemy.

    They care NOTHING about governing, or leading, or solving any problem that doesn’t involve slapping around a gay person, torturing a prisoner or cutting a millionaire’s taxes.

    They are trying to burn the house down in the hope that voters will hire them to rebuild it.

    And the loony, whiny left helped them. They gave aid and comfort with the whining about health care. They came off as spoiled brats who threw a tantrum because Daddy got them a blue BMW instead of a red Ferrari.

    100,000 people in a state with one of the best health plans in the nation got to deny 40 million people health care last night.

    It’s time for the left to realize that this is war and in war, you put aside your own differences and get to work.

  10. For all the Republicans on this board praising Brown, what has he done in the Mass Senate during the last five years?

    I live in Massachusetts and I read the papers, yet aside from the last month or so I don’t think that Brown ever registered on my radar aside from the fact that his daughter was on American Idol.

    I am not trying to stir anything up here, but what has he done?

    And BTW, Coakley sucked. Ran a crap campaign and got what was coming to her.

  11. The Democrats fight using Marquess of Queensberry rules while the Republicans come at you like a Manila street whore with a butterfly knife.

  12. Bryon – I don’t want to get too off target – but Obama didn’t have any signature achievement in the US Senate or his state senate, right (or the private sector for that matter). And John Kerry was in office for several terms and I don’t remember him running on his legislative achievements. Or John Edwards, etc. Even Hillary. And that was for the Presidency. The US Senate is 1 of 100.

    But – back to Brown, I would imagine a Republican would have a hard time spearheading anything as a distinct minority party but from what I read, he had some issues (veterans, etc.) that he was particularly effective. Ultimatelly though – it seems the election was a refenderum on this amdmistration’s healthcare/spending/terrorism, a check on one-party rule, and a contract of personalities between the candidates.

  13. Deficits matter! Except when Republicans are in control. Also, don’t raise taxes, and don’t cut defense spending or Medicare. But deficits matter!

  14. Matt,

    I didn’t ask about Obama. I know what his background is all about. What I’m asking about is Brown’s background.

    As far as him being a distinct minority, for a chunk of his time in the Mass legislature, Massachusetts had a Republican governor.

    Like I said, I live in Massachusetts and for the past week all I’ve heard is that this guy is the best thing since slice bread and I’m still not exactly sure what he’s done.

    I have an idea of the things that he stands for, but they seem to be the same ideals that all politicians say they stand for. What makes him so special? Aside from the HC vote, what is he going to do that will “change Washington”?

    And like I said, I don’t think Coakley would have done these things either, but every conservative that I’ve read/heard today has talked about a “new day” and a “change coming”. It’s nothing but more than partisan politics as usual.

  15. Byron: besides being a great orator, what were PBO’s achievements before he won the presidency? Since winning, what has he done besides accelerate bad spending habits of W and win a noble peace prize? I’ll be waiting for your answers…

  16. Byron: You are correct – you didn’t ask about Obama — but it just seems to me that it take chutzvah (or odd at least) for any Democrat who voted for BHO for the Presidency (or Kerry for that matter) to ask what Brown’s legislative achievements were to be Senator. The new day I think conservatives are talking about is that this is a message to Washington Democrats to step back from the political cliff they were marchign toward. If a Republican Senate candidate can win Ted Kennedy Seat (ahem. the people’s seat), it is a new day(see E. Bayh’s comment about the “far left”, even Barney Frank seems to get the message)(.

  17. So, when I ask about Brown’s achievements in the Mass Senate, I get questions about Obama. Really? That’s what passes for political discourse in this country now?

    Dem or Rep: What has your candidate done?

    Dem or Rep: What has YOUR candidate done?

    Ok. I guess my question was answered.

  18. And as far as what Barack Obama did to get my vote in 2008, it’s simple: he wasn’t a Republican. From 2001 until the beginning of 2009 has been a shit show for this country and I wanted to vote for the candidate that I thought that would have the best chance of ending that show.

    And to be truthful, I’m a bit disappointed that Obama hasn’t done more or stood tough with his promises. Do I support the HC bill? Sure because I think that all people should have the right to health care.

    So, yeah I bought into his ideals and the vision that he laid out for America. To me it was much better than the crap that McCain/Palin were peddling.

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