A debacle in Massachusetts


Well, not a good night for the Democrats. Scott Brown, a Republican State Senator for all of five years, is now Massachusetts’ newest senator, and the Dems no longer have the filibuster-proof 60-vote majority that, quite frankly, they used for absolutely, positively nothing over the past year or so.

People will analyze and analyze and analyze this election, but—for me—it comes down to one thing: My party stinks.

Seriously, we’re the Mets of politics. Good talent, decent payroll … and no fundamentals. Really, how do the Dems put forth Martha (Blah As Blah Gets) Coakley as their candidate for such a vital seat? Furthermore, how does the party so brazenly misread the mood of the nation? I’m all for decent health care reform, or even somewhat decent health care reform. But when one of 10 Americans are unemployed, you might wanna make the economy your No. 1 priority. Just maybe. Or at least try and fooling people to think it is. Ugh.

I’m babbling, and exhausted. Usually, when the Dems lose elections like this, I’m pissed. But tonight, I’m glad. Because Obama’s been in office barely one year … and we’re already in need of a wake-up call.