The worst player in the NFL just might be Vernon Gholston, New York Jets linebacker and a man who is very likely to join Ryan Leaf, Blair Thomas, Lawrence Phillips, Charles Rogers, Todd Marinovich, Tony Mandarich and Akili Smith on the all-time, all-time, all-time bust list.

It’s not that Gholston is, technically, the absolute worst player in the league. I’m sure there are a couple of guys dangling off the ends of rosters who have less talent, less drive, less technical skills than Gholston. But when you use the No. 6 pick on someone, well, he’d better be good. Really good. And he better not have been selected in front of stars. Like, say, Ryan Clady. And, uh, Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie. And Joe Flacco. And Rashard Mendenhall. And Aqib Talib. And, dear God, Chris Johnson. And … and … and …

Aw, hell. Vernon is the worst football player I’ve ever, ever seen. No drive, no motor, no intensity. He played largely on special teams this year, and had four tackles. Four! The same number as the damn kicker.

The Jets were one game removed from the Super Bowl. One game.

A lot of guys could have helped this team.


6 thoughts on “Vernon”

  1. Jason Whitlock said it right when he said he was more of a bodybuilder than a football player before the draft.

    My buddy, a Jets fan, talked him up after his rookie season saying that he personally sought out Lawrence Taylor to mentor him and that Taylor had never mentored anybody. Well, looks like we can say it now: BUST.

    As a Pats fan, I was holding my breath that the Pats wouldn’t pick him. Glad the Jets took the bullet. However, I still wish the Pats could have landed Chris Johnson. So does everybody else though.

  2. Quentin Demps of the Eagles is also terrible, he was supposed to be the guy to take over for Brian Dawkins. He assumed he had the job, so he didn’t play hard in camp, then lost his job, and had 14 tackles all season. He also had at least 5 personal fouls for late hits and unnecessary roughness.

  3. They might have been one game removed, but they never should have made the playoffs. If Indy had played their starters in the second half, that game would have looked like last Sunday’s.

    It’s also possible (but far less likely given the result the following week) that had Cincy decided to try in week 17 that they wouldn’t have won that game.

    Even the head coach that was audacious enough to announce he had a calendar that ended with the parade had given up on making the playoffs until they had the #6 seed gift wrapped and delivered to their door.

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