Harold Ford (D-Tenn) v. Harold Ford (D-NY)


Two years ago, while promoting a book, I was a guest on the worst TV show in America, the now-defunct Hannity & Colmes. I hated myself for appearing, because I agree with absolutely nothing Sean Hannity stands for, and consider him to be a racist, sexist twerp of a man.

Anyhow, while waiting in the green room to go on, I struck up a conversation with Howard Ford, at the time best known as the failed Democratic congressional candidate from Tennessee. Ford seemed like a nice enough guy. He gave me his business card, said he was working in New York for some financial firm, would probably run for office again one day.

Well, now he’s running for senator. In New York.


But officially.

Man, politicians like Ford give me the creeps. During the 2006 election in Tennessee, Ford was an anti-gay marriage, pro-gun, anti-immigrant moderate who perfectly squeezed into the suit he thought the state’s voters wanted to see. Now, however, in planning to run against Kirsten Gillibrand, New York’s junior senator (and a flip-flopping clown in her own right), Ford has done a complete 180. As A.C. Kleinheider wrote in Nashville’s City Paper:

Ford asserts that he has not suddenly become pro-gun-control, gay-friendly, pro-choice, and pro-immigrant. . .

I covered Junior’s campaign for U.S. Senate against Bob Corker. In 2006, Ford wanted desperately to leave voters with the impression he abhorred gay marriage and thought it offensive to his faith. He wanted voters to believe that his few votes to restrict abortion amounted to a pro-life record. He wanted voters to believe he had no intention of making any moves against the NRA on firearms legislation. And, more than anything, he tried to get to the political right of his opponent with a fierce advocacy of clamping down on “illegals.”

Earlier this month, Ford told the New York Times that he’s seen all five New York City boroughs “by helicopter,” and that he doesn’t take the subway much because he is almost always chauffeured for his various talking-head TV appearances.


Ford hasn’t officially announced his candidacy. But, rest assured, he’s running.

And, I hope, losing.

I love liberals. I detest frauds.