the most laughable ‘sports-writer’ on the planet.

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I don’t visit Amazon all that often, unless I’m ordering something. Today, however, I wanted to see when my Clemens book is scheduled to come out in paperback. While there, I noticed Boys Will Be Boys has a whopping (for me) 58 reviews. Most of them were excellent.

However …

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1.0 out of 5 stars More crap from Pearlman, the worst sports writer in the world, right John Rocker?, January 4, 2010
By Ricahrd A. Salzer (Chesapeake, Virginia, USA) – See all my reviews

Pearlman is the most laughable ‘sports-
writer’ on the planet. Babe Laufenberg did
not QB the Cowboys the last two games of
the ’90 season for example. He only got one
start, Dec. 24th v. Atlanta, a 25-7 loss
to the Falcons. Laufenberg’s last pass of
the game went 27 yards to TE Jay Novacek
for a TD with 2:27 left in the game. It
would be Babe’s last NFL pass as he played
in the WLAF in 1991-’92. Laufenberg was a
decent and servicable QB who played for
the following teams: Washington (3x), San
Diego (2x), New Orlean, Dallas, Kansas City,
and Ohio of the WLF. If Laufenberg was so
bad, as the non-athlete Pearlman claims,
why did he last 10 yrs., in the Pros?

It’s easy for jerks like Pearlman, who must
know where the body is buried (Jimmy Hoffa?),
to stay employed with Sports Illustrated,
and criticize REAL Pro athletes, since he never
played Pro storts. He has no objectivity what-
soever. He knows Rocker was drunk when he in-
terviewed him and then used that to trash the
trash-talking Rocker to build himself up. Pearl-
man is slime with a capitol ‘S’. I personally
would like to take a golf club bat to his skull!

I suppose being called “the most laughable sports writer on the planet” isn’t so hot. And the points he made on Babe Laufenberg are actually incorrect. But what I find sort of odd is the line, “I personally would like to take a golf club bat to his skull.”

A. Why would Amazon allow such a thing?

B. What did I do to this guy?

C. What in the world is a golf club bat?

I’m thinking of calling him, to find out. If I do, I’ll let y’all know what he says.