Why I still like Obama

4 thoughts on “Why I still like Obama”

  1. He walked in there, bitch-slapped them, smiled at them, and made them get autographs later.

    This is not a one-year fight, Jeff. You can’t keep getting your panties in a bunch every time there is a setback.

  2. Work together? Why? To reach across the aisle on issues that aren’t negotiable? The very fact you had to title this “Why I still like Obama” tells me the obvious: that all the cult-like followers who voted for him are realizing that the guy is useless, hasn’t done a thing, has a gigantic chip on his shoulder and is destined to sink this entire country.

  3. Working together implies that both sides reach out and compromise…is that is happening here? I am not a democrat or a republican, but from my seat on the back of the bus, it seems like the democrats are failing despite having a super-majority in the house and senate and are trying to find someone to blame.

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