Lord help me

The Sarah Palin phenomenon is one I don’t understand. She was paid $100,000 to speak. To attend, it costs more than $500. So those attendees who speak of a “revolution,” well, bad news. Sarah Palin is as revolutionary as my coffee mug. And her references to Scott Brown are downright embarrassing—the man’s political background suggests he has more in common with Barack Obama than the yahoos in this meeting hall.

Moreover, who says she’s a good speaker? Terrible, terrible, terrible. Ugh.

I can go on and on and on. If this woman ever becomes president, well, yeah …

PS: My favorite Republican line, uttered here by Palin: “We’re getting tired of looking backward.” Yeah, I’d be tired of looking backward too if I had been a supporter and George W. Bush and the mess he and the party made. Why is it wrong to look back at that? To cite it? Repeatedly?