My new favorite political candidate is …

… the one, the only, the Dale Peterson, candidate for Alabama Agriculture Commissioner. Here’s his advertisement, which Gail Collins wrote of in her latest column.

I don’t know much, but I do know you don’t fuck with this guy. He rides horses, he brandishes a gun, he calls his opponent a “dummy.” And 33 years ago he started Alabama’s first pre-washed blue jeans laundry facility in Opp, Alabama (I have no idea what that means, but it sounds awfully impressive). It’s actually the latest example of a seemingly qualified Republican (if you read his bio, he seems to know agriculture) damning himself with a unambiguously stupid advertisement.

4 thoughts on “My new favorite political candidate is …”

  1. with all that texas cowboy music still ringing in my ears…did Ah hear right? Alabama’s got one o’them ‘migration problems?

    Well shoot! Let’s help ’em out boys! Vote ‘Publican and be sure to walk into that thar voting booth with yor fully loaded semi auto Remington at the ready. Them migrants might be hidin’everawhare!

    Oh for somebody’s sake. I thought I was six years old again and visitin’Granma down on the farm.

  2. I loved the closeup of the horse’s eyes looking over the fence. Here in Nevada, Jerry Tarkanian’s kid Danny is running for Senator. Little Tark’s got a commercial where he says pretty much the same stuff this guy does, but with a tad more civility. No horses, but there is an out of focus pickup truck in the background of one shot, which I’m sure the ad guys put there to subliminally make us Nevada hicks think Lil’ Tark is just a good ol’ boy.

  3. The Pride of Curry

    Honestly, Alabama’s campaigns are cracking me up. It’s great.

    I love the Tim James parodies, for the record

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