Sport’s funny irony


Nate Robinson woke up a hero this morning.

Nate Robinson?

The guy who drove Knicks fans to drink? The guy who deliberately took a shot at the wrong basket? The guy who represented everything bad about me-first NBA players?

Nate friggin’ Robinson?

The cliche will be that the Knicks must be kicking themselves for trading him to Boston earlier in the year. The cliche would be wrong. Robinson was a mess as a Knick; a seemingly nice guy who just didn’t have the discipline to be a quality NBA player. And the Knicks, unlike Boston, couldn’t afford loose and spare parts. So they traded Nate Dogg to a place that could, and the Celtics suffered through Robinson’s immaturity and poor decisions … until last night.

He scored 13 second-quarter points—the burst of energy to send the Celtics back to the NBA Finals. It’s what he does well, only one never knows when it’s going to happen. Robinson just as easily could have had 13 second-quarter turnovers.

But he didn’t.

And Boston advances …

2 thoughts on “Sport’s funny irony”

  1. Jeff –

    The trade was a steal for the Knicks. Bill Walker will be a quality NBA player, and Nate will always be an interesting sideshow and a backup.

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