I agree with Sarah Palin


I hate Sarah Palin.

I loathe Sarah Palin.

Given the choice, I would take another term of George W. Bush over a Palin presidency. Truly, I would.

That said, we actually agree on something. I can’t believe it. A couple of days ago Palin ripped into Barack Obama for having yet to meet with BP CEO Tony Hayward. And I’ve gotta say—she’s 100 percent correct. We’re in the midst of the greatest environmental disaster in U.S. history … and you haven’t met with the guy whose company A) Caused it, and B) Is responsible for cleaning it up!?

Obama’s reasoning? His experience tells him someone like that would say “all the right things” and that he’s more interested in action than in words.What? What!? What! Without question, one of the dumbest explanations I’ve ever heard. Had Bush said such a thing, we would have killed him over and over. In this case, Obama deserves the exact same fate. Pathetic.

To be honest, I’ve hated the White House’s handling of the entire disaster. When shit like this happens, people cry for leadership, not quiet, calm cool. Yet Obama has been anything but visible.


6 thoughts on “I agree with Sarah Palin”

  1. Here I’ve got to disagree.

    I’m so sick of hearing conservatives talk about privatization, etc, etc.

    This is a big reason why there needs to be governmental control of many things.

    Now there’s a disaster and we want to know where the government is?

    Bull shit. Right now the government’s job should only be to levy fines on BP and that’s all the government should do.

    There’s your privatization. There’s smaller government in action. There’s less governmental intrusion in our lives.

    This wasn’t a natural disaster or a terrorist attack where we all turn to our leaders for support.

    Obama shouldn’t have to meet with Hayward. What is Hayward going to say he hasn’t already shared on BP. Is he going to divulge the secret to cleaning up the spill?

    You know who should be at the Gulf running a rake through the sand helping to clean up?

    George Bush…and probably Sarah Palin.

    I’m all for less governmental intrusion in our lives, but when it comes to offshore drilling, personal safety, airlines and other methods of transportation, among hundreds of other industries, I’d much rather have government oversight then private businesses expected to look out for my well being.

    This is a lesson learned, hopefully. But to throw Obama under the bus, I won’t do it. And if I was him I’d use the spill as a platform against the Palin’s, et al.

    1. Your a sick creep. You may love govt control, being treated like cattle from cradle to grave, but keep your sick ideas to yourself. This country was founded to escape govt control, King George, where one couldn’t pass gas without his dictate. The US Constition’s sole purpose is to protect us from govt. Govt is a servant of its citizens, not as the Liberal Left wants, and like you, that govt is the supreme authority on every damn aspect of life and its citizens are servants to govt. What has govt regulation on all aspects of existence gotten America? Its gotten us cities in decay where you can’t start a business, build anything because govt regs prevent it. For its people you get cops prevented from doing their job because now they can’t describe a suspect by stating his race, sex, appearance, heavy, fat, short, plus taking away guns, the 2nd Amend. Criminals and the rest of the world are laughing their butts off at you idiots. The best way to put it “Liberalism is a mental illness.” Your the inmates running the asylum. America is freedom to do and say, or not do and not say any damn thing I want. To build a business, succeed and create jobs rather than be ridiculed and regulated out of existed by lazy Fascist loving scum like you.

  2. Good comment, Steve. This primary season we’ve been barraged from the right about how big government is and how much government spends. Then something bad happens and everyone whines and complains that government isn’t doing enough and it’s the governments fault because they let it happen. What does the right want from government? The impression I get is they want the government to just butt out of their lives. Okay. Then why do I need to elect you? So you can dismantle government? Then say so, so we know what were getting if we vote for you.

  3. There are many others who have presented that point as well…I’d rather say I agree with them and loathe Palin without interruption…

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