Thank goodness for the NRA


Under the guise of patriotism and civil liberties, the NRA has acted as nothing less than a domestic terrorist organization; responsible for, oh, hundreds of thousands of deaths in this country in the name of the Constitution. People fear Al Queda. They fear BP. They fear plane crashes and drunk drivers and drug-related casualties.

What they should fear is the combination of the powerful NRA lobby with a right-leaning Supreme Court. A terrible combination.

This, from today’s USA Today …

June 21, 2010    Byline: Fredreka Schouten      USA TODAY

WASHINGTON – A high-profile effort by President Obama and top Democrats to clamp down on special ­interest spending in elections has faltered, nearly six months after a Supreme Court ruling cleared the way for unlimited corporate and union spending on independent campaign ads.

Action on a bill in Congress that aims to shine more light on such spending stalled after top House Democrats agreed to exempt the powerful National Rifle Association and other large non-profits from new disclosure rules.

“All restriction on political speech is repugnant,” Wayne LaPierre, executive vice president of the gun owners’ group, told USA TODAY.

“Am I happy that the NRA’s tongue is not cut for the 2010 … elections? Absolutely,” he said. “Do we still think this bill is unconstitutional? Absolutely.”

4 thoughts on “Thank goodness for the NRA”

  1. So, Jeff, an organization who believes in Second Amendment rights and that people should be able to legally own guns to protect their property, in your view, is a terrorist? You do know that the vast majority of homopcides in this country are commited with illegal weapons, and that American cities with the most restrictive gun laws tend to have the most crime, right?
    I agree that the NRA has acted a little slimy in regards to this clearly unconstitutional legislation. That doesn’t make them equivalent to terrorists.

  2. “American cities with the most restrictive gun laws tend to have the most crime, right?”

    That has to be the most intellectually dishonest argument I’ve ever heard. Those cities have restrictive gun laws BECAUSE they have the most crime, not the other way around. If those cities (like NY and DC) did not have restrictive gun laws, it would be a non-stop shooting gallery. To imply that they have so much crime because of their restrictive gun laws is an absolute joke.

  3. Muhammad Goldstein

    Brian, go back and read the 2nd amendment very very carefully. Also, NYC has very strict gun laws and also a very low homicide rate.

    The NRA are not concerned with the safety and well-being of American citizens, and actively promote laws that endanger the lives of innocents. There actions lead to multiple gun murders; domestic terrorism. More people die in the US everyyear from guns than all the “terror” incidents put together. Facts are Facts.

  4. I am thoroughly convinced that if the Founding Fathers could see the unintended and altogether monstrous consequences of the Second Amendment in modern America they would move to immediately repeal it — to a man.

    The NRA is one of the most pernicious organizations in American history. The tens of thousands of annual gun-deaths in this country are largely due to the absurdly easy access to firearms that these scoundrels have enabled. Like most things in politics and history, follow the money. The gun industry is big business. Behind the NRA’s red-white-and-blue propaganda is a single color: green.

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