The return of Eminem

Meant to blog about this a while ago—forgot.

Have been spending much of my driving time listening to new Eminem which, I must say, might even be better than old Eminem.

Not Afraid, the song above, is terrific. Beyond terrific. First, it’s brutally honest and painful about his drug addiction and recivery. Second, Eminem—vocally—sounds like Eminem again. Third, he stopped taking shots at teenage singers—something that got really old.

At his best, Eminem is the elite. He is to hiphop in the 2000s what Chuck Berry was to rock—not the originator of a genre, but someone who took it to a significantly higher level. Plus, I like how Eminem admits that his last CD, Relapse, was mediocre. For a while all my son wanted to hear was Crack A Bottle, the single he released with 50 Cent and Dr. Dre. The song was catchy, moderately funny—and lame. Truly lame.

Now, the guy is back. And as good as ever.