The sad saga of Shirley Sherrod


Was asked by a reader earlier today to post my thoughts on the whole Shirley Sherrod mess.

Wasn’t ready then.

Am now.

To begin with: To hell with Andrew Breitbart, the conservative blogger who, before today, I’d never heard of. To hell with this guy for being dishonest. To hell with this guy for being a scumbag. To hell with this guy being willing to ruin an innocent person’s career to make an invalid political point. And mostly, to hell with him for not apologizing. Dude, you were wrong. Indisputably wrong. You posted a misleading video; one that only told 1/100 of the story. You did so knowingly, and you were caught. But you happen to be a coward, and cowards never admit when they’re wrong. They stutter and pause and blame the liberal media and play victim. Andrew, you are a pathetic, unworthy wad of chunky diarrhea, and I hope these seven minutes of fame are worth the public demolition of your integrity.

That said, I’m not surprised. This is what too many in the so-called conservative media do. I obviously don’t have to list the names, but—what the hell?—I will. Drudge. Limbaugh. Malkin. Coulter. Hannity. Beck. Palin. They lie. They overstate. They exaggerate. They inflame. I don’t even include Bill O’Reilly in that grouping, because the man, by comparison, appears oddly fair and moderate. I know … I know—I’m now supposed to say, “This is a problem on the left and the right.” Well, to hell with that—because it’s not. You want me to give you Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow? Uhm … I won’t. Because both do their research, both are intelligent and neither one goes out of his/her way to actually make things up. Do they lean far left? Sure. But George Will and Joe Scarborough and even Pat Buchanan lean far right, and I have much respect for those men. Within the GOP-slanted media—especially talk radio and Fox—there is a willingness to be mean and cruel and completely full of shit. That’s why I’m hardly shocked by Breitbart. We’ve seen his breed of lizard before.

That said, to hell with the Obama Administration. A friggin’ lunatic conservative blog airs a selected segment of a speech … and you fire the woman before investigating? And then—to cap it all off—you blame Tom Vilsack when, oops, it turns out you made a mistake? Is this the change we can believe in? Is this a new era in politics.? Is this Yes We Can? I mean, why in the world was Shirley Sherrod canned in the first place? Because you feared Beck and Limbaugh teeing off? Is that how courageous y’all are?

I am sickened.

Absolutely sickened.

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  1. Jeff,

    Thank you, thank you, thank you. I couldn’t find the words to describe how pathetic and repulsive this story is. Tom Vilsack is going to fall on the sword for a President who pulled the trigger to fire her?

    The world of “guilty until proven innocent” has reared it’s ugly head again.


  2. Bill O’Reilly apologized to Sherrod, only to give more backhanded insults of her being a “divisive liberal political activist” on top of what he said a day earlier. I agree on the conservative media heavyweights being shit. They NEVER apologize when they are in the wrong.

    Jason Whitlock posted these videos as “accept the truth from wherever it comes” as guys ‘doing the damn thang’ haha…

    ^I don’t watch either of these 2, and yes, Olberman is over the top and a blowhard. But it’s GREAT. The critiques of Obama, a guy I generally like, are right on.

    As for Andrew Breitbart, this isn’t the first time he has been involved in deliberately manipulating shit (ACORN) that ended up with serious ramifications for the people he victimized. Here’s the video clip of Rachel Maddow tearing it apart.

    Comedian Patton Oswalt retweeted a comment on twitter by James Urbaniak: “So this was the week @AndrewBreitbart tried to counter NAACP concerns about tea party racism by smearing a black woman.”

  3. Amen. Not the best moment for the administration.

    Democrats need to grow a spine when dealing with GOP lies and distortions. I don’t understand why their first instinct is to roll over rather than standing up for what’s right.

  4. Gag….Breitbart plays off the deal as the “media misconstrued the intention behind this…”

    And, I just can’t blame the president on this…not entirely.

    Just a few weeks ago we were complaining the president didn’t act quickly enough to stop the Gulf oil spill.

    People want immediate action…well, here’s the result.

  5. I view these people much like a view the gossip rags.
    Sometimes truth, sometimes just enough truth to serve their purpose, and other times outright lies.
    They give their followers what they want to hear and the money rolls in.

  6. The story of Shirley Miller Sherrod is morphing from “anti white racist” to “human rights advocate”

    She grew up in the racially afflicted south.

    In 1965 her father, Hosie Miller, a black man and a deacon at Thankful Baptist Church, was shot to death by a white farmer in what ostensibly was a dispute over a few cows,

    The all-white grand jury didn’t bring charges against the shooter.

    That summer, when she and several other blacks went to the county courthouse to register to vote, the county sheriff blocked the door and even pushed her husband-to-be, Lester Sherrod, down the stairs, she said.

    She went on to earn her master’s degree in community development from Antioch University in Yellow Springs, Ohio.

    Sherrod returned to rural Georgia to help minority farmers keep their land. Because of discriminatory lending practices, black farmers were losing their farms in the late 1960s and ’70s.
    Sherrod co-founded New Communities Inc., a black communal farm project in Lee County, Georgia, that was modeled on kibbutzim in Israel. Local white farmers viciously opposed the 6,000-acre operation, accusing participants of being communists and occasionally firing shots at their buildings, Sherrod said.

    When drought struck the South in the 1970s, the federal government promised to help New Communities through the Office of Economic Opportunity. But the money was routed through the state, led by segregationist Gov. Lester Maddox, and the local office of the Farmers Home Administration, whose white agent was in no hurry to write the checks, she said.

    It took three years for New Communities to get an “emergency” loan, she said. By then it was too late.

    With black-owned farms heading toward extinction, Sherrod and other activists sued the USDA. In a consent decree, the USDA agreed to compensate black farmers who were victims of discrimination between January 1, 1981, and December 31, 1999. It was the largest civil rights settlement in history, with nearly $1 billion being paid to more than 16,000 victims. Legislation passed in 2008 will allow nearly 70,000 more potential claimants to qualify.

    USDA hired Sherrod as its Georgia director of rural development in August 2009. She was the first black person in that position; of 129 USDA employees in Georgia, only 20 are black, she said.
    Despite her father’s killing and the injustices that followed, the racial hatredshe has fought all her life, and now her quick exit from the USDA, Sherrod refuses to become bitter.

    “I can’t hold a grudge. I can’t even stay mad for long,” she said. “I just try to work to make things different. If I stayed mad, if I tried to hate all the time, I wouldn’t be able to see clearly in order to do some of the things that I’ve been able to do.

    “Even with this, I’m not angry. I’m not angry. I’m out of a job today, but I’m not angry. I will survive. I have. I can’t dwell on that. I just feel there’s a need to go forward.”

    Even Conservatives has shown a great respect for this black woman who has spent her life fighting discrimination.

    And now the Secretary of Agriculture and the Administration is admitting that they should have taken the time to listen to her whole speech instead of just the doctored version posted on a conservative blog which seemed to show her saying she “held back” from helping a white farmer stay on his land.

    Even The white farmer and his wife who are at the center of this controversy praised Sherrod for helping them fight to keep their farm from foreclosure.

    Shirley Miller Sherrod can certainly hold her head up high

    She is an example of the best qualities that all of us should emulate in our racially divided country.

  7. I think by exposing the incompetence and political posturing of this administration, Breitbart ultimately made the point that he wanted to make.

  8. Yeah, Brian, I’m sure that’s exactly the point he was trying to make.

    In a video I linked above Breitbart said the mainstream media misconstrued his intentions…it wasn’t to attack Sherrod, it was to point out the hypocrisy of the NAACP.

    He didn’t mention the administration.

    But, it’s just like morons like you to slide issues around to meet your needs. After all, that’s what Breitbart did.

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