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Basil Marceaux

Basil Marceaux is running for governor of Tennessee. As you can see in the above video, he’s not the smoothest cat around. I can’t really tell what he stands for. Hell, I can barely understand what in the world he’s saying.

A part of me, however, wants Basil Marceaux to win. Why? Because I’m guessing the man has integrity and decency, and has never received $1 in any sort of special interest dough. I bet he wants to be governor because he likes the idea of making an impact, and here’s a big way to do so. He looks schlubby and dorky and poorly put together, and there’s a 50/50 chance he was routinely mocked in high school.

Truth be told, I’m sick and tired of the slickness and the suits and the soundbites. There was a sad story in today’s New York Times on how more and more wealthy people are running for office under the guise of being “one of the little people.” Which, of course, they’re not. They’re the wealthiest of the wealthy hoping to use their fortune to purchase power.

Basil Marceaux appears to be one of the little people. I found his website, and here are the positions he supports includes:

• Restructuring of car insurance.

• No increased taxes.

• Education.

• Green energy.

• Children first.

• No routine traffic stops.

• No back room politics.

He also wants to change “political predjudist,” and “the defranchising of voters” (I’m guessing this means no one can invest in a McDonald’s or Burger King).

OK, the guy has no shot, and one would probably be a fool to vote for him. But are his words any more ludicrous than Sarah Palin not being able to name a newspaper she enjoys? Is he any less legitimate than a slime like Charles Rangel? Does Mitt Romney’s integrity as a professional candidate trump Marceaux’s?

Something has gone terribly wrong in this country. And while Basil Marceaux isn’t the answer, well, he’s far from the problem.