Coming October 2022: "The Last Folk Hero: The Life and Myth of Bo Jackson"

Does it strike anyone as strange …


… that 100 years from now pretty much everyone reading this blog will be dead?

Seriously, isn’t that odd? And a bit disconcerting? That we will all not exist? Eternally?

On that note, taught my opening class at Manhattanville College earlier today. Truly wonderful experience, with a funny lead-up. First, until three hours before the class I was under the impression it started at 6:30, not 4:20. Then, in the hour before, I:

• Overflowed my toilet.

• Ran downstairs in a panic—wearing only a post-bath towel—thinking one of my kids was sick.

• Screamed about 10 FUCKs! while sitting in traffic en route to school.

• Had my belt buckle break while urinating 4 minutes before class began.

Plus, I’m still exhausted from the return from Europe. But the class was wonderful; the students genuinely cool and inquisitive. Psyched.