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In reaction to my Derek Dooley column:

Dude, grow a set, man up, and get on with your life. Just because Derek Dooley didn’t grant you access to a scrimmage is no reason to act like a 9 year old girl who just had her ice cream cone stolen. I mean, seriously, how mature are you. Just another example of a disgruntled media guy trying to get his time in the spotlight by acting like a little girl.
Oh, one more question….. Would you like some Vagisil??
And my response—I took a new approach:
Ha! Chris! Love it! Vagisil! Like I’m a girl, and I have a vagina! Ha!

2 thoughts on “E-mail of the day”

  1. A couple of thoughts – these people who disagree with you and write disrespectful things aren’t doing any service. They defeat their own argument while trying to explain it at the same time. A disagreement can happen respectfully (but often doesn’t) I think Dooley is threatened. He doesn’t want the inevitable to occur: the truth to come out. We don’t live in Russia! And as far as Vagisil goes, well, I prefer Gold Bond.

  2. Politicans have gotten so good at bludgeoning the media that there’s almost a kneejerk reaction of this sort to any kind of critical coverage regardless of arena. “You must be some sort of girlie librul” etc… Just a theory anyway. It’s not easy being a reporter, columnist, etc these days.

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