Revving up

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Starbucks. Corner table. Sheryl Crow’s Long Road Home playing. A hot pumpkin spice latte by my side.

Today’s my first day back writing the book.


Back one month ago, I was on a roll. Then I stopped writing, and did almost 0 work in Europe. I ate well, saw the sites, doted upon my wife and kids, etc. But writing? Not so much.

Which makes today hard. Because starting to write after a month off is sorta like hoping your ’86 Olds flips on after five years of sitting in the garage. Chug … chug—splurt.

The good news? I’m prepared. I’ve never researched harder than I did for this one. So the notes are all in order, the chronology is righteous, the markings are legible. I want this book to be great; to speak for me as a writer and a journalist. But it can be sooooo hard and challenging. Just gotta buckle down and start. Shut off the wireless, pull out the files and write.

On a side note, bad hypo day. My leg has been acting really weird for a month. When I wake at night, it feels very heavy. Took a run this morning, just didn’t feel right. Can’t tell if my arm is heavy, too—though that’s a classic sign of anxiety. I have nasty varicose veins running down my left calf, so I’m hoping that’s the cause. Man, I hate being this way.

2 thoughts on “Revving up”

  1. Looks like you’re going to lose the leg man. It’ll be OK though because then you won’t be running around all over the place and can sit down and finish the book.

    Just kidding of course.
    Vacation is good for the mind. Getting going again takes a bit, but once you start rolling you should do just fine.

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