Today’s column …

Tennessee Dooley Football

… is on college football’s newest coaching buffoon, Derek Dooley.

Just like I’m merely a writer, you’re merely a football coach, dude. Merely a football coach.

3 thoughts on “Today’s column …”

  1. Wow…just wow. Too bad the six allowed access didn’t take a stand for something like, oh, I don’t know, FREEDOM OF THE PRESS, or EQUAL RIGHTS FOR ALL, or ARE WE REALLY GOING TO TAKE THIS KIND OF SHIT FROM THIS MORON?, and respectfully decline his magnanimous offer if all weren’t allowed access. Oh, to be a journalist of any character in Tennessee.

  2. Mixed emotions here.
    I see your point and it probably has merit.
    For right now though I’d give Dooley some slack.
    He just took over from the Kiffin Circus.
    As you say he is a new kid. He just may need to feel a need to keep the press a little more at arms reach to develop himself as a coach.
    Like I said mixed emotions, I just don’t think he has enough history to know where he is coming from.

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