Entourage, Vincent Chase and cocaine


The Wife has given up. She was with me for years—season after season of Entourage. We’d watch every Sunday night. It was our time together, and I loved it.


This latest season of Entourage, which ended tonight, simply sucked. Terrible writing, terrible plots, an absurd over-dependence on guest stars (especially sports stars who made no contextual sense. Ryan Howard remembering Turtle from the World Series? Drew Brees remembering Turtle from the Super Bowl? Kevin Love—twice!?). The worst idea, hands down, was Vincent Chase’s addiction to cocaine. Was it believable? Slightly. Was it enjoyable? No. Just like in books, a creator needs to know his audience. And Entourage fans (like The Wife and I) don’t watch the show to see its characters spiral out of control. In short, Vinnie Chase is supposed to have sex, live large and star in movies. There are a million ways to go with that—but turning him into a coke fiend? No good.

Especially lame was the addition of a real-life porn actress named Sasha Grey as Vince’s love interest. A bunch of seasons back, Entourage nearly killed itself by having Vince fall for Mandy Moore. It was a stupid run—and yet, compared to week after week of the wooden Grey, it was Emmy-worthy stuff.

Oh, one more rip—no logic and rhyme/reason. Last season ended with Johnny Drama buying a bar in New York—never mentioned again. Last season ended with Eric’s assistant having the hots for him—never mentioned again. The first episode of this season had Vince doing his own stunt while filming a movie and getting sorta hurt. I guess we’re supposed to think that started him on coke—but it’s far from obvious.

The whole thing is a mess, and while Entourage is supposed to return for a final season, I’m not sure I’ll be watching.

Will you?

PS: A couple of years ago the actors who play Turtle and Eric appeared on Jim Rome’s radio show and raved about The Bad Guys Won! So this hurts me—but, well, such is life. It’s been a terrific run.