Entourage, Vincent Chase and cocaine


The Wife has given up. She was with me for years—season after season of Entourage. We’d watch every Sunday night. It was our time together, and I loved it.


This latest season of Entourage, which ended tonight, simply sucked. Terrible writing, terrible plots, an absurd over-dependence on guest stars (especially sports stars who made no contextual sense. Ryan Howard remembering Turtle from the World Series? Drew Brees remembering Turtle from the Super Bowl? Kevin Love—twice!?). The worst idea, hands down, was Vincent Chase’s addiction to cocaine. Was it believable? Slightly. Was it enjoyable? No. Just like in books, a creator needs to know his audience. And Entourage fans (like The Wife and I) don’t watch the show to see its characters spiral out of control. In short, Vinnie Chase is supposed to have sex, live large and star in movies. There are a million ways to go with that—but turning him into a coke fiend? No good.

Especially lame was the addition of a real-life porn actress named Sasha Grey as Vince’s love interest. A bunch of seasons back, Entourage nearly killed itself by having Vince fall for Mandy Moore. It was a stupid run—and yet, compared to week after week of the wooden Grey, it was Emmy-worthy stuff.

Oh, one more rip—no logic and rhyme/reason. Last season ended with Johnny Drama buying a bar in New York—never mentioned again. Last season ended with Eric’s assistant having the hots for him—never mentioned again. The first episode of this season had Vince doing his own stunt while filming a movie and getting sorta hurt. I guess we’re supposed to think that started him on coke—but it’s far from obvious.

The whole thing is a mess, and while Entourage is supposed to return for a final season, I’m not sure I’ll be watching.

Will you?

PS: A couple of years ago the actors who play Turtle and Eric appeared on Jim Rome’s radio show and raved about The Bad Guys Won! So this hurts me—but, well, such is life. It’s been a terrific run.

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  1. I still watch this show and I don’t know why. Every time I hear the theme song, I get pumped up because I think it’s going to be a good episode and it ends up sucking.

    And I think that the reason is two-fold:

    1. The viewers care more about this show than the writers do. Like you said, Drama bought a bar last season, what happened to it? (BTW I completely forgot about that)

    But there are a lot of plot starts, like that, that just stop and it get to the point where if the producers and writers don’t care, as a viewer why should I?

    That leads to why should I invest my time to this show when I don’t care any more.

    2. This show is supposed to be the edgy, inside world of Hollywood. It’s no more than “Leave it to Beaver” with boobs.

    Seriously, we’re to believe that Ari is being taken down because he swears a lot? Really? Never mind the fact that pretty much everyone he’s come in contact with knows his talent for bending the English language, but this is hardly front page news.

    Off the top of your head, who is Tom Cruise’s agent? How about Will Smith’s? Brad Pitt? Angelina Jolie? My point is that probably 99.9% of the world don’t know who these people are, yet we’re supposed to believe that America would care about an agent who swears.

    Didn’t we all enter an agreement that most agents are scum?

    Secondly, Vince is doing coke? It’s taken him how long to have a drug problem? And while I’ve never done coke, it’s not like Vince is mainlining heroin. From what I understand, cocaine is THE recreational drug in Hollywood. And if these guys are the A-listers that we believe them to be, seeing a little coke wouldn’t send them all into an ABC After School Movie tailspin.

    And seriously, the less I see of E or Turtle, the better.

    For a show I watch every week, I kind of hate it.

  2. One other thing, Jeff: At the end of last season, E’s assistant was played by Kate Mara. This season, totally different assistant, no mention/explanation. What happened?

  3. I know this is lame, but I feel like I am too far in to turn back now. That said, I have the episodes stacked on my DVR. I find it less painful to blow through them versus waiting week to week.

  4. Rachel, I agree with you 100%. Next year there is only supposed to be six episodes left and then “Entourage” is over.

    Aside from the last seasons of “Newsradio” and “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” there aren’t many shows that I’ve just completely given up on.

  5. wow i cant believe this criticism…it sucks cuz u guys actually make valid points bout how they start shit and plots and jump to the main point or totally forget it…and it is extreamly annoying to me what is happening to ari…in my eyes he just cuss at a couple of people and he is known to be cut throat, which he neeeds to be since he is were he is…so for everyone to gain up on him even his wife is really stupid. yet i cant help but be hooked ari’s acting is incredible and he sorta makes u forget the lack of thought that might be missing. and whats happening to vinces is another thing, just really edgy and i cant believe wahts happening to him i actually like it.
    oh yea and with sasha she looks amaing with make up and clothing but with her naked ewwwwwww. i wish they got another porn star :p

  6. Hi, I just want to say is that, Entourage is a great show. I just can’t stop watching it. From the way season one started, all the way to season four, I think it was going good. 5 and 6 were good to but they started to get more serious, but you know what I still loved it. There were a lot of funny episodes in season 7, but in this season, theres more use of aggression. The friends who use to chill together hardly chill together in this season. That’s what made me like this season the least. And even more worse is Vincent chase’s coke addiction. Even though it’s a real world out there, but as a Entourage fan, watching all seasons, it makes me sad when I watch him doing coke. I like the old characters the way they were. Vincent chase getting a haircut and then taking drugs and misbehaving just mkes me sad to watch this season. Now I can’t even go back to old seasons, watching the good episodes now that I know Vincent is not the same person anymore. I would like to watch the last season though. Hopefully something good might come up and hope they make the last seasn the best.

  7. This last season ended with him getting rolled by the cops for possession. Where are they gunna go with that? If he goes on parole, he cant live his crazy life with all the partying, and it would suck to see the last season with him stuck in rehab! I bet the writers will leave stuff out again and skip to Vince getting out of rehab; Johnny doing his thing with “Goin Bananz” or whatever its called; Turtle getting more serious with Alex and doing the Avion thing with the new expansion; And E getting married to Sloan and taking over the company with Scott; And Ari…either getting back together or fully divorced from his wife. What do you think…?

  8. And i like all the points you guys made with how they leave stuff out or dont continue on with the new plots they start. Like Johnny with his bar. And i used to like all of the guest stars that would appear on the show, but now its getting to be a little overkill. And i know the show needs to move on and the characters need to grow, but with E possibly getting married and Turtle becoming “Mr. Business Man”, the show is losing its old swagger and sense of fun. It used to be about living the life in a dream world barely any of us could ever imagine. Traveling, buying expensive things, partying, and doing it all with your four best friends. Now they barley ever hang out with each other anymore and the dream world is becoming everyday reality (a nightmare).

  9. Yea the writers in season 8 will open up with Vinny getting out of Betty Ford and the same shit will continue, he get a movie role and he will bitch a little and E won’t like it and Drama and Ari will be the only reason I watch…If they were’nt on the show I would have never wasted my time….Yeyyey

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