My new favorite NFL player …

… is John Carney, the kicker the Saints just signed.

Carney is 46-years old, which means he’s eight years older than I am, which means I can’t help but love and respect him and hope he lasts another 20 years in the league.

Carney’s first NFL gig came in 1988, when I was a high school junior. LOVE that! Carney is old, but doesn’t have gray hair. LOVE that! Carney played at Notre Dame only five years after Joe Montana. LOVE that!

In short, I love any professional athlete who makes me feel young. And as I get older, there are fewer and fewer available.

So go get ’em, John. Go get ’em!

2 thoughts on “My new favorite NFL player …”

  1. One thing I have noticed over the years is that most kickers are bald. Have you ever noticed this? It’s a strikingly common thing. Perhaps I only notice because I too share the trait but it’s a huge percentage. Seriously, now that it’s been brought to your attention, you will certainly notice.

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