2:39 am

About to go to bed. Spent the evening trying to recapture what I lost last night. Not sure of the results—too tired to check thoroughly.

I spent most of today with my kids. We used to have a nanny 2 1/2 days per week, but the wife and I (begrudgingly) let her go a few months back. A. To save money; B. Because I wanted more time with the tykes, and my mom lives nearby and can help. So that’s how we roll nowadays—I take a full day during the week, and Mom takes Wednesdays. The Wife handles most of the other three.

I was worried how it’d work out, with the looming book deadline and all. But, overall, it’s been great. Kids grow up so fast; especially (I’m guessing) if you’re one of these poor guys who works 70 hours a week … leaving the house at 6 am, getting home at 9 pm. I know many of them, and it absolutely sucks. I want to be around my tykes; want to see the day-to-day development and hear about school and directly impact who they are; what they stand for; etc. It’s important to the wife and I. Probably more important than anything else.

This is one lengthy babble. Sorry. It’s late, and I’m drunk of Coke Zero and stale pretzels …

PS: Here’s a fun one: I’m DJing my wife’s aunt’s 50th high school reunion this Saturday night. I’ve DJed two other events in my life, and love it. Am psyched to break out the Fats Domino and Jerry Lee Lewis.

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