We (don’t) like Ike: II

A follow-up.

First, I removed a comment where someone called my friend Rob a vulgarity. Wanna bitch me out? Fine—if that’s how you do things. But let’s not be inane.

Second, I’m tired of folks pointing out this stat and that stat, this number and that number to defend a ballplayer who just happens to be very, very, very, very average. I’m not saying Davis is a bad guy or a terrible player. What he is, however, is the typical modern-day Met prospect: Merely OK, but overhyped by desperate fans in a big market. Will Davis ever be the kind of guy most contending teams have at first? A guy who goes .290-35-110? No. No way. Ever. It’s not who he is. I laugh when people call WFAN and say the Mets can trade Davis for some excellent goods. Unless the demand for a poor man’s Greg Walker is high, I don’t see it.

And, yes, he has a solid glove. But that’s not enough. The Cleveland line wasn’t meant to demean his defensive skills, but to imply that his future is a murky one.