Brett Favre—Not in my Top 10

Just got done watching the Jets eek one out over the Vikings. As my friend Mike Lewis pointed out, the announcers spent 80 percent of the time worshiping Brett Fave. It was quite annoying.

Then I started thinking: Favre might hold all these records. Favre might be the king of the world. But he’s probably not one of the Top 10 QBs of my football-aware lifetime (We’ll start in 1985, when I was 13).

My Top 10

1. Peyton Manning, Colts: The perfect quarterback in every way. Won his Super Bowl, and that should be that.

2. Joe Montana, 49ers/Chiefs: Not as visibly dazzling as Manning or Marino, but got it done time and time again.

3. Dan Marino: I know … I know—he never won the big one. Don’t care. He was insane.

4. Steve Young, L.A. Express/Buccaneers/49ers: People forget how downright dazzling he was.

5. John Elway, Broncos: People call Favre a gunslinger. No, Elway was a gunslinger.

6. Tom Brady, Patriots: Don’t let the haircut fool you.

7. Troy Aikman, Cowboys: As steady and dependable as they come.

8. Jim Kelly, Houston Gamblers/Bills: Inexplicably underrated for a Hall of Famer.

9. Warren Moon, Edmonton Eskimos, Oilers, Vikings, Seahawks, Chiefs: Like Kelly, sort of forgotten. But who was better on 3rd and 12?

10. Kurt Warner, Rams/Giants/Cardinals: The ultimate winner.

13 thoughts on “Brett Favre—Not in my Top 10”

  1. You’re kidding, right? Your displeasure with off-the-field nonsense (sexting, repeated un-retiring, and media fawning) trumps the MVP awards, the chamipionship, and *twice* as many TDs/yards as most of the other guys on your list.

    I mean, the only reason to declare Favre is not top-10 is petulance.

  2. Actually, Sean, he’s dead on right about Favre. What I find amusing is that, in making a list to point out that Favre is the most overrated QB in his (and, roughly, my) lifetime, he does so by putting the *second* most overrated QB in our lifetimes at the top of the list. 🙂

    Manning over Montana? Not in a gazillion years. The perfect quarterback? Uh, sorry, I’m a Patriots fan, I’ve seen too many Manning Meltdowns to believe *that* one. Unless you think that Perfect Peyton was *trying* to throw to Ty Law three times in one playoff game!

  3. Yeah, Marty, I think I’d have Elway over Manning myself, though Elway did sometimes get Favre-itis, not nearly as much as Favre did.

  4. I also don’t place Favre in the group. Longevity doesn’t always mean quality.

    1. Montana
    2. Marino
    3. Dan Fouts
    4. Young
    5. Aikman
    6. Elway
    7. P. Manning
    8. Brady (the system is a major part of the success)
    9. Moon
    10. Warner

    I’m a bit older and remember some of the earlier ones, just kept this to your years.

  5. Favre’s numbers are based on a career 5 or more years longer than anyone else’s…AND he was LUCKY enough to never get hurt and ever miss any starts. let’s see his stats compared to Marino’s (whose records he’s been besting the last few years) on a per-game or per-season average…not nearly as impressive considering Marino did that in 14 seasons. What would Montana’s numbers be if he didn’t miss 1/4 of his entire playing career out on injuries?? Remember, Favre also holds the records on many of the bad stats like interceptions too. To quote Seinfeld, he’s a “chucker”.

  6. Fouts:
    The Chargers were nothing until Fouts arrived.
    He took them to the playoffs a few times. Too bad they didn’t have a defense.
    He was in the PRO Bowl 1979-1983 and 1985.
    In the strike shortened season he Averaged 320 passing yards per game (still the record).
    He played 14 years and that’s pretty decent for a guy that wasn’t that mobile. No where near the 20 of Favre.

    Ya he played a long time, if you count the CFL.
    And that’s the rub. I can’t help but wonder what he would have done if he had gone directly into the NFL.
    He probably doesn’t belong on the list but I’m a Seahawk fan and had to throw him in there.
    He was an exceptional player.

    Oh, about Fouts, I’m a Duck.

  7. Wish there was an edit feature.
    The reason Moon played in Canada, Blacks weren’t “smart enough” to run an NFL team at the time.

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