I’m sitting in Starbucks …

… fucked.

Sat down next to a guy I recognized from the gym. He told me he comes here because a crazy woman at the last Starbucks he went to drove him out.

Then he talked, without me looking up, for 20-minutes straight. Shut. Up. Shut up!!!!!!!!

I transcribed a little of his spewage:

“On the othet hand Cuomo says he’s goign to reform things. i don’t know how much he’ll do that, but i know he’ll be better than Patterson. That’s a step up. Paladino or Cuomo will be a step up from Patterson. Paladino might be a coccoo, but i don’t get the feeling he’s a crook. Patterson’s a crook. His father is a multi-millionaire. They didn’t get there by breaking their ass. Do I think Patterson’s a smart guy? I do. A little too smart for himself. I’m proud of The Post. I’ve always felt the Post was fair. Liberals don’t see it that way. I always felt Fox News was fair. We call it as we see it. The facts are the facts. Ot’s when they start to extrapulate and draw other things into it. The liberal; argument is ‘I feel this is the right way to go in health care, but don’t tell me it’s going to decrease costs. Good. I see where you’re trying to go. But don’t lie. It’s a bunch of nonsense they’re going to bring down costs. Write 5,000 pages of legilslation. C’mon.”

Kill me.