Why I pay almost zero attention to college football

This guy and his plight say it all.

The whole sport is a sham.

3 thoughts on “Why I pay almost zero attention to college football”

  1. Yeah. But Jeff, I think the real reason you pay no attention to college football is that you were raised in the Northeast. It just isn’t popular here. I was raised here, and never followed it until I went off to college at USC. None of my friends, then or now, who are from the region follow college football, and they all have a different reason. I think it’s something you either have to be born into or have thrust upon you, and if that happens, it becomes your favorite sport.

  2. A small percentage of people feel they need to cheat, lie, and or steal to get what they want.
    College is just a microcosm of our society.
    The bad get the press, the good are never mentioned.
    There are more good.

    For every Cam Newton there are several Jake Locker’s.
    Many projected Locker as the top QB last year. He decided to go back to college because it was fun. Now he is considered a project.
    He could have also gone to MLB but chose to stay in college.

    I live in a college town, the nation never hears the reports of the good things these kids do.

    They only report the bad.

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