My career is complete

So a few days ago Deadspin posted my list of the 100 worst players in NFL history. It got a lot of buzz and attention, and I sort of wondered whether any players would respond.

Enter: C.C. Brown, No. 90 on the list.

In a story from today’s Detroit Free Press titled, “Lions’ C.C. Brown not happy about being on ‘worst 100’ list,” Brown says: “I mean, I really don’t give a (bleep) about it. It is what it is, man. (Bleep) that list. Whoever said it, you can tell them I said (bleep) their list and (bleep) them, too.”

Obviously, I’m not offended or mad or upset or anything. Brown has a right to be pissed off, even though the list really was just one guy’s opinion.


2 thoughts on “My career is complete”

  1. Please note he never says he shouldn’t be on the list, nor does he try to convince us he shouldn’t be on the list. “Can’t Cover” indeed.

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