My hero of the day

Ricky Hendon, Illinois State Senator, speaking out on behalf of civil unions for his state.

Beautifully said.

Also, a point I want to make once again. A poster today wrote that I must be gay, because I devote so much time to gay marriage and civil unions and gay rights. I suppose the natural response would be, “No, I’m not gay!” But I’m not going to say that, because it’s a garbage reply.

Whether I’m gay or straight has nothing to do with standing up for fundamental civil rights. There were hundreds of thousands of white Americans who opposed segregation and spoke out on their beliefs. There were hundreds of thousands of men who joined Susan B. Anthony. There are Christians backing Jews in Israel; Jews (maybe a handful?) backing Palestinians, on and on and on.

Gay rights are our generation’s civil rights. I’ve often thought about my parents, and how—while they certainly supported Martin Luther King and the like—they sort of went about their own lives in New York while the struggle continued. I don’t want to look back and have my children say the same thing about me. There is a battle for equality going on, and we all should have voices.

10 thoughts on “My hero of the day”

  1. I agree with the man 100%
    I am so sick and tired of the hypocrites.

    I wish all “Christians” would remember Jesus forgave all sorts of sinners.
    It was the hypocrites he was the hardest on.

  2. it’s easy to say you dislike another type of person… until you have a friend or loved one in that “category”.

    at that point, one should ask him/herself… how hurt will “x’s” feeling be and how disappointed in me as a person will they be if they new I felt that way or certain words come out of my mouth.

  3. Making perversion into a civil rights issue is disgusting.

    As Miles McPherson, an African American pastor, said, “I know a lot of people who used to be gay. I don’t know anyone who used to be black.”

  4. John, really? Less rights? Please explain. You can’t just throw that out there with some factual basis for your view. John, I sure hope you don’t eat shrimp or plant your vegetables in the same field, or wear clothes of more than one type of plant. Those are perversions, too, according to the Bible.

  5. Mr Wagoner
    Which sin is NOT a perversion?

    All have sinned and fallen short of the Lord. (Romans 3:23)

    When you begin to point your finger at others and claim their sin is somehow worse than your own you better look out.

    Review Matthew 7:2

  6. Miles McPherson is a liar. He doesn’t know any “ex-gay” people, because they don’t exist. He *might* know people who are repressing themselves. He *might* know bi people who once were with a same-sex partner and now aren’t. But he doesn’t know any ex-gay people. He’d like to think he does, because it lines up nicely with his homophobic world view. But he doesn’t.

    Unless, of course, by “ex-gay people” he means gay people who are no longer people…because they’re dead by suicide. After too much of homophobic nonsense like his.

  7. Hey Dorf, why don’t you continue to quote old law to me that we’re not governed by anymore? I’ve never argued Levitical law, but thanks for putting words in my mouth.

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