Mouse pad

So yesterday the wife received a year-end present from her place of employment.

They gave her a mouse pad.

Yes, it’s lame in and of itself. But let’s allow that to slide and speak of the mouse pad as an object. In, oh, 1997, this might have been a dandy little present. Never amazing, but certainly right there with book lights and mechanical pencils. But, to be blunt, in 2010 who the fuck thinks, “Here’s a great idea! Let’s give out … mouse pads!!!!” Seriously, does anyone here use a mouse pad? Does anyone here use a mouse? And, if you do, is it the type that requires a pad?

Mouse pads haven’t been utilized in a decade, and even when they were utilized they were never truly utilized. They existed because the world is overrun with foam, and the pad provides an outlet.


PS: The sheep pig was just thrown in for drama.