Holiday Cards (and the amazing Kim Lionetti)

If you are a suburban dweller with kids, a house and a minivan, you are all but commanded by God to find the cutest picture of your tykes, turn it into, oh, 50 holiday cards and send them out to all your friend, sorta friends, kinda friends and family members.

It sucks.

Back when I was a kid, people did this strange thing around the holiday time—they’d buy cards … and write on them. With a pen! A real one! Ink and everything! Hell, you’d even write on the envelope! Really, no printed address labels! Yes, really!

I’m know I’m a whiney complainer, but this truly irks me. If we receive, oh, 25 cards, I’d say one or two have any writing on them. The rest are all merely photos (cute, albeit), shoved in an envelope with an address label printed out and affixed. In other words, somewhere along the line personal touch was completely removed from the holiday card routine.

We’re no different. The wife just printed out the labels two days ago, and off they go—nary a “It’s great having you in our lives” to be found. I’m not sure why this happens, or how it actually happened, but it’s wrong. I love receiving notes. Love it. But cards—yawn. Who cares?

Oh, why I’m writing this! Because today I received a card from my good friend Kim Lionetti, literally agent to the stars. On the frontare five photos of her adorable children. On the back, this: It’s been too long, I feel like I write the same thing every year, but I hope we are all able to get together in 2011! Take care & happy New Year!

That’s what I’m talking about.

6 thoughts on “Holiday Cards (and the amazing Kim Lionetti)”

  1. I too received Kim’s card and was very touched by her note and I agree. It absolutely drives me crazy! that people can’t even bother to sign their dang names. It doesn’t take much. A simple Merry Christmas will do, but to me, the cute card isn’t enough.

  2. My office received a Christmas Card from a business that we deal with – Card signed by 4 or 5 people. Next day we got another card from them (Double Up – Someone screwed Up) and yep, same 4 or 5 signatures in the same positions on the card…They had them Pre-Printed with their signatures !! Seriously, why bother??

  3. My girlfriend and I (we’re both 21) wrote up Christmas cards for all members of my family and her family and, yes, actually wrote messages on them in pen as well as the names and addresses on the envelopes. We’re keeping the tradition alive Jeff!

  4. sorry – card only, Jeff. I am simply too busy. In fact, haven’t even stamped or sent them yet! Printed labels. If this offends, I won’t send you one 😉

  5. This drives me crazy too, Jeff. I do print my labels and even do a card with my kid on it. However, I make sure that I write on every single one. What I can’t stand the most is the people that I haven’t talked to in forever… they can’t even write two words.

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