3 thoughts on “Amen.”

  1. How nice of her to support gay marriage now. If only she had the chance to do so when a family member or close friend held some kind of elected office or bully pulpit or something…

  2. For the first time in human history, people want to define a gay relationship as a marriage. Even in ancient Rome & Greece where homosexuality was common and accepted – they didn’t confuse it with marriage.

    Now in modern western culture, the so-called “Christians” will be activated to stop this, and once again people will be polarized over something that is just dumb.

    Why in the world would you inject yourself into this discussion? Are you an anthropologist, a gay man, an active religious or political leader? No – just another ignorant guy who knows he can win friends by proclaiming his “open-mindedness.”

    Congrats – everyone will “respect” you now, and your opponents will appear narrow minded to other ignorant people.

  3. Never understood why people who aren’t gay, aren’t in politics, aren’t religious leaders got in a twist over it either, David.

    Does it affect anyone’s life that two strangers of the same gender can have their relationship recognized in full by the state? No.

    Yeah, it’s a little late for the hotter Bush twin to say it now. It’s only been sanctioned in Canada for eight years. But People behind the curve do eventually catch up.

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