Gayle King

So on Monday I’m scheduled to appear on Gayle King’s radio show.

King, as many have heard, is Oprah’s BF, as well as a three-time Emmy Award-winning newscaster who anchored the local news at a CBS affiliate in Hartford, Connecticut for 18 years. I know very little about the woman, but she seems extremely professional and nice.Her producer has been wonderful to deal with.

I digress. Went to her website today and found, uh, this:

1. What’s your all-time favorite movie?ALL-Time is hard, but I really love Sleepless in Seattle and Forrest Gump. They just make me feel good, and Tom Hanks does “feel-good” very well.

OK, I’ll allow Gump—even though the running scenes infuriate me. But Sleepless in Seattle? Sleepless in Seattle!? Without question one of the Top 10 Most Heinois Films of All-Time; a putrid, horrific, mindless 1 1/2-hour look-how-cute-Meg Ryan-is wad of mud. Man, I loathe that film, and everything it stands for.

Gayle, we’ve gotta talk.