Today’s column …

… is about Ryne Sandberg, one of the all-time greats.

To be blunt, the Cubs treated Sandberg like crap. Not only did they not hire him to manage (fine), they didn’t even offer him a coaching position on the MLB staff. This is one of the three or four greatest players in your franchise’s history. Makes no real sense.

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  1. Why no mention that the Cubs were the only team that were willing to give Sandberg (a guy who showed no interest in managing throughout his career) a chance managing five years ago?
    Or that he was the one to walk away from the organization this offseason after he didn’t get the managing job – but before having another offer?
    It was pretty common knowledge around Chicago that Sandberg would only take the manager’s job – he wasn’t going to stick around for any other position. Plus, do you honestly believe the dynamic of Quade as manager & Sandberg as bench coach would have worked? It would have undermined Quade from Day 1.

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