Athletes Who You Thought Would Be Great …

… but weren’t.

My Top 5:

1. Spencer Dunkley—I was a young, dumb Delaware student, and I’d watched ol’ spence dominate in the post against Drexel and Northeastern too many times. He was drafted by the Indiana Pacers, but didn’t last. Nice, long European career.

2. Alex Smith—Honestly, I was pretty convinced this guy was gonna light up the league. He’s been brutally bad in San Francisco.

3. Blair Thomas—When the Jets drafted him, I knew the team’s fortunes were turning. I was right—they turned worse.

4. Dennis Hopson—Basically my Blair Thomas for hoops. The Nets supossedly took the best pure baller in the Draft. He was, unambiguosuly, terrible.

5. Josh Beckett—Let me explain: Beckett has had a very good career. Maybe even a great one. But I thought he was going to be one of the all-time stupendous pitchers the game had ever seen. Instead, he’s just an above-average, more-than-solid major league starter. Shocked me.

2 thoughts on “Athletes Who You Thought Would Be Great …”

  1. 1. Mark Prior- I thought he was going to lead the Cubs to the promise land. He almost did. Then freak injuries.

    2. Eddy Curry- Jeff, you know the deal with this bum. With ANY motivation, he could’ve been a Shaq-type force in the NBA until 2020. He ate glazed donuts while on an exercise bike!!! *bangs head against the wall*

    3. David Terrell- He not only was a bust, he had some of the worst end zone celebrations in the history of the NFL (one time, he mimed that he was driving a car while counting his money–imagine that!). The Bears are still looking for that franchise WR.

    4. Eddie Griffin- He was expected to be the next Tim Duncan. He had anger issues and life issues. A few years ago, he died from an apparent suicide.

    5. Grant Hill- He had a great start to his career…in fact, during the last year he played in DET (I believe after MJ retired), he was the best player in the NBA. He was well on his way to being one of the top 10 players all time. Unfortunately, the Piston’s staff mismanaged his ankle injury and his career was never the same.

    Jeff, what do you think?

  2. As a Red Sox fan, I gotta qualify Beckett. He’s snakebit. He’s hurt, *all* the time. If it’s not an elbow, it’s a shoulder, or a knee, or a blister, or a concussion (happened today–got hit on the head by a ball while shagging flies in the outfield…see what I mean about snakebit?)

    When he’s healthy, he’s a different pitcher. Maybe not all-time-stupendous, but close. The healthiest he’s been in a Sox uniform was 2007…the year he finshed 2nd in the Cy Young voting and won 20 and was unhittable in the playoffs and Series.

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