Today’s column …

… is about Matt Carpenter, future Cardinal.

Background: I was in St. Louis camp a few weeks ago, looking for Lance Berkman, looking for Trever Miller. A lot of spring training time is spent waiting … waiting … waiting. So there I was, waiting at the door, when I overheard No. 92 tell someone he’s from near Dallas. “Oh, I spent a lot of time there. Great city,” I said.

“Why were you there?” he responded.

I mentioned that I’d written a book about the Cowboys. “Which one?” he asked.

I told him. “No kidding!” he said. “Man, I love that book.”

We probably spent the next half hour talking, and Matt Carpenter was a delight. Eager. Enthusiastic. Poised. Determined. Just an all-around nice guy honored to be in camp. It was refreshing and cool, and I decided right then and there that I’d write about him. Too often, we (I) ignore the most worthy. This guy was worthy.

Anyhow, wrote the column yesterday, under the asusmption that Carpenter was about to make the Opening Day roster. Touched it up last night—glub. He was reassigned.

Stuck with it.

6 thoughts on “Today’s column …”

  1. Neat that you had a chance to talk with the kid before he turns into the prototypical professional athlete. He’ll probably catch all kinds of crap for talking to you as he did, and the conversion to sullen, cynical, walled-off athlete who spouts nothing but mumbled cliches when he deigns to speak with a reporter will have begun.

    1. DG, that’d make sense if Pujols ever did anything even remotely negative to me. He hasn’t. I ripped him because he treats people like dogshit. Routinely.

  2. Thanks for writing about an unknown with a great outlook and a positive attitude. It’s nice to tell the stories of those we’d probably never hear about otherwise. Here’s hoping Matt Carpenterr gets his well deserved shot at the big leagues. With all that is wrong in sports today, a story about a guy like this reminds why we are all so still so riveted by professional athletics.

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