People are assholes: II

The criticisms on this are totally right. I wrote that post quickly, wasn’t really thinking wisely. You could fill in any religion for Christian there. I just meant that people, as a general rule, talk about Godliness then behave as animals.

My bad.

7 thoughts on “People are assholes: II”

  1. Still got it wrong Jeff.
    People, as a general rule, behave as animals.
    You still want to think agnostics and atheists are somehow exempt.
    You’re smarter than that, use your head.

  2. I don’t think he is saying they are exempt. Just that those that preach love and compassion should actually practice what they preach. I think we all can agree on that.

  3. Jeff, there is nothing in this story even relating to religion, so the issue is why you pulled any such connection out of a hat? Therefore, your apology should have been straightforward: Sorry, my opinions on religion had no relevance to this story whatsoever. With a wife whose a teacher, this parent attitude isn’t religious, but the mentality of parents in general in this day and age (their kids can do no wrong).

  4. Dude, you can’t even apologize right!!!! Kidding.

    Yes, Jeff’s original post was rough in that it singled out Christians. He was aiming for what Kirk pointed out, and what he TRIED to clarify in his apology.

    And if someone claims a faith or a religion, unless that faith is hypocrisy, then EVERY action they take, every word they speak should reflect that faith or religion. Let’s accept Jeff’s apology & please move on.
    I feel like we’re throwing stones here & in light of all the insanity & sadness going on in the world right now, this just makes me sad. Step away from the rockpile. Everyone.

  5. Jill
    This time instead of singling out Christians he singles out all faiths.
    NOBODY talked about Godliness, except Jeff.
    In the video the only mention of anything even relating to God was a Christian mentioning that in her church they address food allergies by having Gluten free wafers available.
    It is very possible that the handful of people protesting are agnostic or atheist and that none of them believe in God.

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