People are assholes

Not all people, obviously. But these people …

There’s an elementary school in Florida (where else?) that has a first grader with a life-threatening peanut allergy. To help the child, the school has placed forth the following rules for classmates:

• Wash your hands before entering the room.

• Leave your lunches outside.

That’s it. That’s all. Nothing more. Yet according to, apparently, a large number of parents at Edgewater Elementary School in Volusia County, Florida, the right of their children to a quality education is being violated—and the allergic kid needs to go elsewhere. I wish I were fibbing—these parents are, literally, picketing outside the school building. Here’s the video:

Look, peanut allergies suck. And, as a parent whose kids aren’t allergic (knock, knock), I get the annoyance of having to tiptoe around others. But there’s this thing called decency. And another thing called empathy. Oh, and another—compassion. I wonder how many of the picketing parents consider themselves religious. I wonder how many, back when the accessories were popular and (glub) trendy, wore WWJD bracelets.

Well, here’s the answer—Jesus would wash his hands and keep his fucking lunch box outside.

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  1. Jeff,
    WWJD? He would cure the kid of the peanut allergy, then take a single peanut and make 100 peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for the whole class to enjoy!

  2. You think none of the parents that are picketing are Christians? In Florida? Ehhhh I think we’ll have to disagree with that one Dan

  3. Why the Christian hate? Since most people, in that age category, aren’t religious, or if religious, will follow a non-Christian belief.
    Most likely few are Christian, and most are Atheist or Agnostic.
    Very few people of parenting age believe in God.
    It is the older folks that believe, and Florida does have a lot of older folks.

  4. I’m a rare commenter, but I’ve had your blog on my RSS feed for years now, so I just have to ask: Ye gods (no pun intended), why the impulse every time you hear about people being assholes, one of your first responses always seems to be, “Man, I bet those people must be Christians.” At this point, you’re coming off as simply petty and hateful, and that’s sad from someone as obviously intelligent and passionate as you are.

  5. JP, have to agree with those citing the asshole, must be Christian connection. People who are not Christians are perfectly capable of being exemplary assholes.

  6. Agree with Mark. Jeff is so amped up to slam religion, and Christians in particular, that he’d rather speculate than find out for sure. It serves the agenda better. Who knows if these people are Christians and who knows how religious they are. Facts should come before narrative, not after.

  7. Well…*ahem* as a ‘Christian’, I feel like JP’s impulse is pretty dead on. While I, too, tire of those like Pearlman that rip all organized religion as being filled with money grubbing degenerates, unfortunately there are too many that proclaim themselves ‘Christians’ and wrap themselves in ‘the word’ in order to justify their skewed, unforgiving, hateful beliefs. Too often it is these ‘Christians’ that are the first to forget the basic principles of Christian belief when something makes them a tad bit uncomfortable or impedes on their way of life. To react with so much angst and anger over their children having to leave their lunches in the hallway (which I always had to when I was in school) or *gasp* have to wash their hands, they are forgetting the love and compassion that Jesus preached so much and asks/begs/pleads with us to practice. While I can’t speak to the breakout of how many who do or do not consider themselves ‘Christians’, I would venture a guess that quite a few do (remember- you do not need to actually need to demonstrate being a ‘Christian’ in order to CONSIDER yourself a ‘Christian’). I echo DaninDC (though I don’t know if I’m defining it the same way he is)- I would say that none of them are ‘Christian’, in that none of them are actually acting the way God would want them to, with love, understanding, and compassion.

  8. As someone who has a similar compunction to slam all religions, (I really believe that it’s a Madoff-like Ponzi scheme) my guess is that Jeff is looking to villify the proselytizers; the fanatics.

    Too many preach the Golden Rule (as if religion should get the credit for decency; because it obviously couldn’t exist without it) yet so few of us, myself included, practice it enough.

    Even though this may come off as poltically correct, I really think it’s unfair to attack Christians on this. Muslims obviously have their black sheep as do we of the Jewish faith.

  9. As the parent of a peanut-allergic child, I recognize that the issue of taking special precautions at sh cool is a difficult one. It seems to come up time and time again, and there are compelling arguments on both sides of the issue.

    On the one hand, my child could die a horrific death, gasping for their final breath while their tiny classmates watch on in terror.

    On the other hand, your child has to have a bologna sandwhich instead of PB&J. And they don’t like bologna. They really like PB&J!

    Clearly, there are no easy answers here.

  10. Kirk
    This issue has NOTHING to do with beliefs, sinful activity, or any of the many hypocrisies some churches seem to get hung up on.
    It is not a religion issue it is just a bunch of inconsiderate humans of no particular religious belief.
    That Jeff ties this to any religious belief makes me wonder how someone can be so intelligent yet so ignorant.

  11. jmw- Thank you for reading my post and understanding it so thoroughly. Nowhere do I state this is a religion issue or that it has anything to do with sinful activity, or the hypocrisies of churches. I am talking about the hypocricies of those that state that they are ‘Christian’ yet do not follow the most basic practices that Jesus taught- human decency, love for one another, and compassion for others. I find the tie that JP makes is quite appropriate, because those that call themselves ‘Christians’ should be the first to be accepting of these changes. But, in my experience, it is those that call themselves ‘Christians’ that have the biggest issue with it.

    Boy am I glad I edited out using ‘Christian’ groups protesting against gay rights as another example of the hypocricies of ‘Christians’….whew….

  12. Kirk
    You didn’t say, “there are too many that proclaim themselves ‘Christians’ and wrap themselves in ‘the word’ in order to justify their skewed, unforgiving, hateful beliefs.”?
    My mistake.
    The hateful beliefs of Christian Churches has nothing to do with peanuts.
    The problem with Christian churches is from a skewed idea of what the bible teaches. That is where you get the “hateful” beliefs.
    The man of sin truly sits in the temple of God. Meaning God is no longer being found in the churches of today.
    Far too many churches today focus on criticizing individual sins rather than acknowledging that ALL have sinned and there is escape available for the consequences of sin.
    Believing in the Great Peanut has nothing to do with this issue.

  13. You are stuck on thinking that I am saying that because they are ‘Christians’, they have a problem with the peanuts or lack thereof. What you seem to think I’m saying and you are arguing against and what I am (I guess fruitlessly) trying to say are two different things. What I am saying is that the actions they are taking is far from ‘Christian’. That if they followed the basic tenets of religious beliefs of love and compassion for others, this wouldn’t be a problem. That any that are picketing call themselves ‘Christians’, that they are hypocrits.

    In short- look at JP’s latest post on this. THAT is what I’m saying. Those that get upset at him for always ripping on religion either don’t want to hear what Jeff is saying or don’t understand it.

  14. Kirk
    I commented on Jeff’s last post because it is just as flawed.
    NOWHERE does any protester make any kind of religion claim.
    The only people making such a claim are you, and Jeff, and others like you.
    It is a human issue not a religion issue.
    Every single one of those people protesting could be Atheist as far as we know. Yet Jeff likes to imagine that somehow they are all worshipers of one religion or another.
    B f’n S
    You definitely tied it to beliefs.
    Beliefs have absolutely nothing to do with it – NOTHING.

  15. Just watched the video again, the only mention of religion was one of the announcers mentioning that at her church they recognize the issue and make gluten free wafers available for those with allergies.
    In other words it is the Christians that acknowledge the severity of the problem.
    Two guys discuss the issue, which one do you figure to be Religious and which one Not religious?
    The guy with the beard and the cute kids waving in the car?
    The guy standing out side with the bouncing kids in the background?
    I don’t like to make generalities on physical appearances but I’d go with number 2 as a church goer.

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