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What the %$#@ just happened?: III

A final thought on this: I’m not saying I want my kids to not attend an Ivy League institution, but I certainly think it comes with certain negatives.

For example …

When I was a young up-and-comer at Sports Illustrated, there were three of us kind of shooting up the ranks—from reporter to writer-reporter to staff writer to, eventually, senior writer. The other two guys were absolutely fantastic, and deserved everything they got. Both were Ivy Leaguers. I, on the other hand, attended Delaware, the Harvard of Delaware.

People used to gripe about an Ivy League pipeline at SI (in particular, a Princeton pipeline). Once, a peer went into our boss’ office to complain. “Look,” he said, “there’s obviously favoritism to guys who went to the Ivy Leagues. This guy … that guy … Pearlman.”

My boss stopped him.

“You idiot,” she said, “Pearlman’s a Blue Hen.”