Grosser than gross

So this is really gross.

Was just in an ice cream shop, Last Licks, in Rye Brook, N.Y. I come here, to this little strip shopping center, in between teaching my classes at Manhattanville. I write in Starbucks, dine at Chipotle, and sometimes get a $1.50 bag of varied candy at Last Licks.

So I’m standing in the store, scooping up some sweetness, when I accidentally drop a piece on the floor. I look down and lying there, between my legs, is a dead little mouse, his body squashed, his red-and-yellow guts resting alongside his corpse. I turned to the clerk and said, “Uh, there’s a dead mouse here.”

His response was quite odd: “Did you step on it?”

Uh … no.

The follow-up was even more odd. He swept it up, but left a streak of guts on the floor. No mop, no watery towels. Just a broom, a mouse corpse and me, holding my bag. Maybe he got back to it after I left. Not sure.


4 thoughts on “Grosser than gross”

  1. I’m wondering when Last Licks is going to close. It seems like Steiner is washing his hands of these stores and is riding out the leases

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