Friggin’ Old Navy

So, like many Americans, I wear jeans a dizzying number of times before washing them. Seven … eight … 10 … 20. On and on. I establish favorite pairs, dig them out of laundry baskets, discard small stains and smudges. It is what it is.

Finally, however, I decided to buy a new pair. Went to Old Navy three days ago, snagged a nice 36-30 loose fit. Wore them twice, decided—irrationally—to wash them. Did it, tossed ’em in the dryer—not look! The friggin’ denim over the zipper has bubbled. I push it down, it goes up. I press, it rises. I hate, hate, hate when this happens. Hate it.

Is this the problem with cheap jeans? Is it fixable?


5 replies on “Friggin’ Old Navy”

Ironing it may help. But it is true that cheap jeans dont last. I hope you washed them inside out on a cold cycle. Using hot water or not turning them inside out might cause that problem


Old Navy clothing is generally absolute garbage. You get what you pay for with that place. I’m surprised 36’s fit you. Old Navy is the king of vanity sizing. A 36 waist is probably actually a 42 waist. Or did you mean 30-36? I know you’re a runner.


Take them back.
If nobody tells them, nobody complains, they keep on making them.
Enough people complain they change things.
Meanwhile I bought a big container of dried Shitake Mushrooms. Have eaten about 2/3rds
Couple days ago critters started flying around inside the container.
I really need to take those back, meanwhile I think I’ll pass on the Mushroom Omelet.


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