My poor feet …

So, having read—and loved—Born to Run, as well standing tall as one of the world’s biggest Nike haters, I recently decided to purchase a pair of funky-toes running shoes … the ones without much padding; the ones that look like scuba gear.

And … I love them. Love them, love them, love them. I love the THUMP sound my feet make against the ground; I love feeling the grass and the mud and the pavement, as if I were running sans protection. I feel faster and more powerful.

That said, I don’t think my body will survive. Just too much pounding. Went five miles today, mostly on pavement, and I’m curious whether I’ll be able to stand tomorrow sans pain. Right now I feel great, but my big toe ripped open, courtesy of the rubber-vs-skin rubbing.

Anyone else go through this? Any thoughts?

4 thoughts on “My poor feet …”

  1. Ya
    Should have worn Nike’s.
    Your feet would have loved you for it.
    Other than that – QUIT running on pavement!!!
    Not only tears your feet up but you have a good possibility of being a cripple in 20 years.
    Run on sawdust trails, your joints will last longer.

  2. And take it easy in the beginning, your calves will thank your for it. Only go “barefoot” a few hundred yards at first, then add a few hundred each week.

  3. My sister swears on her Vibram Five Fingers. She credits them with with saving her knee and keeping her able to run, but I also know she started out really, really slowly in them like some of the comments on your Facebook said. Run 4 miles in regular shoes, then for a few minutes in the VFFs at the end and gradually increasing her use of them.

    I’ve always been too risk-averse to try them or other minimalist shoes, but dealing with some knee issues (IT Band Syndrome, which flared up badly but seems under control w/stretching and PT, and what seems to be a so-far pretty mild case of runners’ knee) recently has led me to at least reconsider trying them.

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