Seder II

So last night, while worrying about my seder, I started freaking out. I needed help. Guidance. Support.

Once again, I turned to the 700 Club Prayer Line.

I must make this clear—the 700 Club is, indeed, fun to mock, because Pat Robertson is such a tool, and the prayer agents are clearly given lines and prompts to follow. But I’ve got no beef against the men and women on the other end of the phone. They’re just doing their jobs, naively working for an absolute devil of a human being.

That said, I was sorta curious—would the 700 Club help a Jew pray for a good seder?

The answer follows …

3 thoughts on “Seder II”

  1. Jeff….c’monn, you’re almost 40. Enough with the prank calls. If someone did this to a Jewish or Gay hotline, you would call them racists.

    Jerky Boys you are NOT!!!!

  2. Shalom Jeff: Seder is inded a time consuming feast. Worry has no part in faith. We knw that the dew has to answer to G-d for its’ position in The Universe.

    We also know the Torah reminds us, “G-d he languag of all He has created.”

    “He opens His Hand to satistfy the needs of every living thing.”

    It surely is doing Tsdkh to open the human hand to feed the hungry clothe the naked and comfort the sorrowing.

    “Turn from evil; seek peace and pursue it.”

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