Lady Gaga vs. Madonna

There have been a lot of comparisons made between Gaga and Madonna.

Who’s better looking? Madonna.

Who’s bigger? In her time, Madonna.

Who’s more creative? I’d say Madonna—Gaga feels like someone trying to get attention for the sake of attention. Boring.

When it comes to pure singing, however, there’s no contest. Like, not even close. Lady Gaga has a beautiful, wonderful, top-rate voice. Madonna—meh.

Need proof? Here you go …


PS: That said, what in the hell is she making her poor backup singer wear? Man, oh man. Humiliating.

7 thoughts on “Lady Gaga vs. Madonna”

  1. I like Lady Gaga because even though she does attract a lot of attention, she doesn’t go about it by doing drugs or getting DWIs every other day–I mean, even though she is a bit of an attention whore she’s very open about it–no pretenses. And she has a great voice and writes very interesting music. 🙂

  2. Whenever I see anything by David Bowie from his Ziggy Stardust era in the early seventies all I can think is how much Lady Gaga is ripping off his act.

  3. Also missing the fact that Lady Gaga is a musician too. She can play a kick ass piano. Never saw Madonna do that!

  4. Totally hit the mark! And Madonna is much more of a real artist and musician i mean she produce and writes alll her songs aswell and plays instruments and better performer and dancer. I mean gaga is better at singing but madona has a better sounding voice she just dosnt use it fully and is not developed and classicly train like gaga was in singing and in playing piano. But Madonna was classicly trained in ballet and dancing. And she is more creative i mean look at all the girls who copied here over the year gaga being the latest girl look at all the material Madonna gave her to work with and rip off lol

  5. “Who’s more creative? I’d say Madonna—Gaga feels like someone trying to get attention for the sake of attention. Boring.”

    Seriously? Madonna is like a walking checklist of attention whoring.

    Holy cow, she makes Donald Trump look like JD Salinger.

  6. Madonna is Better Looking

    Madonna, even in her FIFTIES, is better looking than GAGA now. I had no problem believing the hermaphrodite rumors about GAGA. Just compare their “Before they were famous photos” and you’ll see. Back then, Gaga was very bland and unnoticeable, where Madonna would still tuen your head.
    LONG LIVE MADONNA!!!!!!!!!

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