Jews and $

Was interviewing the mother of a football player tonight. She lives in middle America. Very lovely, very religious.

Toward the end of our chat she said, “So what are you? Lutheran?”

“No,” I said. “Jewish.”

Looooooooong pause.

“Well, I’ve got nothing against the Jews,” she said. “Y’all sure know how to make money.”

4 thoughts on “Jews and $”

  1. Middle American Mom

    What is the point of this article, if you want to even call it an article? It’s more like an anecdote. Are you saying all “Middle American” moms think like this? What is the point of even mentioning “Middle America” and what is YOUR definition of “Middle America”?

  2. Middle American Mom, You would be surprised how many people think this way and not just in middle america.

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