Today’s feature …

… is about Randy (Macho Man) Savage and his pre-wrestling baseball career.

Best story I’ve ever written? No. But I take a lot of pride in these sorts of endeavors: A man dies, and three days later there’s 3,200 words about his obscure baseball run.

6 thoughts on “Today’s feature …”

  1. This is excellent, Jeff. It’s even more impressive considering the deadline constraints and how you conducted the interviews just days after Poffo’s death.

  2. great article, as a kid of the 80’s too, grew up loving the WWF, the macho man, and brutus the barber!! good to see he gave it a good crack at baseball too, a good insight into him

  3. Fantastic article about an interesting man, he was so much more than a wrestler and then really comes out in his interviews. A truly unique American, he will be missed.
    Thanks again – Jeff

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