The last soda

11:53, Tuesday night. Am drinking what I expect to be my final soda.

Just can’t justify the shit anymore. I exercise, I eat (relatively) smart. So why am I putting phosphoric acid, aspartame and acesulfame (whatever the hell that is) into my body? For the taste? Not worth it.

I did this once before, and it lasted for a few months. Want this one to last—forever …

8 thoughts on “The last soda”

  1. Hope it works for you.
    I average about 2 sodas a month. Fortunately there aren’t many A&W’s around. That is my weakness.
    Just finished an Orange, very refreshing. Soon I’ll hit the berries.

  2. I somehow managed to give soda up during my senior year of college. It’s the one thing I have permanently kept out of my diet, and I don’t miss it. Hope you’re able to get to that point, too.

  3. Be ready for the headache. Just drink lots of water, exercise more, and sleep more. The first 48 hours are the worst.

  4. Just started doing the same thing and I am going on two months now. After a while you just don’t miss it anymore. At least that’s what is happening to me. Tell you what, I don’t miss those headaches from withdrawals. Stay strong and drink lots of water. Yes, easier said than done. All the best.

  5. Don’t just accidently have one because you will be right back on it the next day. I was off it for 6 months, and I am hooked yet again because the resturaunts water was just so bad. Maybe I will try with you and start again on Monday. Good luck Jeff!

  6. My last one was about four and a half years ago. It’s actually a really tough one to kick because of its prevelance, but once you get over that year hump it gets easy.

    My tip: switch to unsweetened iced tea at restaurants. Just enough to let you know you’re getting something other than water.

  7. muhammed goldstein

    Good luck Jeff! I am always amazed by people who criticize my one or two cigarrettes a day, while they eat fast food and drink Coke all day..let’s see who dies first!

  8. Good luck, Jeff … my last pop (as Canadians call it) was April 30, so I am at 37 days. Personal record. Feel like I’ve lost 10 lbs in that stretch.

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